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Stay at home mom who loves to turn trash finds into reusable and re-saleable items. Freelance writer and happily married wife.We live in beautiful South Florida!

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From gross to gorgeous

I took different pieces from the trash and from a storage unit I won for 30 dollars that had two dressers in them. I transformed it all into a beachy style bedroom set that included a mirror I...

Wooden Ski to nautical pool sign

I love refurbishing old things, especially of the nautical variety. These can be used for signs of all types. I've already got an order for more to go on my friends pool deck.

Sometimes you just need paint

Found this table curbside. Decided to sand it, paint it and do the same with some trash chairs I had on hand. Ended up being my most popular table, with people calling and asking for me to make them...

Curbside Trash Becomes Beachy Cute Desk

Ugly little girls desk/ vanity with missing slide out keyboard drawer was turned into a cute Coastal-themed desk or makeup vanity with beachy theme.

Trash finds into Cottage Beach bath

I wanted a bathroom redo and found some trashed cabinets on the curb that were the right length and height, but were truly trashed. I decided to refurbish them and see what they could be turned into...

A-Door-able coffee table.

Found this beautiful old door at a Habitat restore. I got the entire door, two pieces cut in half for $5.00. Shown is the bottom half I turned into a coffee table while bottom picture shows the top...

Trash shutters to shabby chic window

Found two pairs of shutters for 2 dollars at a yard sale. Sanded them a bit, applied some paint and a cute sign and stuck them in my bathroom window. Thought they turned out cute.

Trash find to daybed/Couch

Found this metal daybed or maybe it's a couch? by the curb. Color was this great candy apple green and it had some cushions on top. I unzipped the cushions, threw them in the wash and found some old...

Closet doors to headboard

Great use for closet doors. (Turn into a bed(. I have the remaining cuttings from the doors left to make the footboard. Will post when it's entirely complete.

Trash rack to pretty shelving unit

I found this rack curbside. Needed paint and a screw tightened, but otherwise in great shape. Not sure what it was used for in a previous life but I thought it would make a great little storage shelf...

Shabby chic counter bar using old shutters

Found 4 old shutters by the trash curb. Took them home and distressed them in green. Attached with nails to the plain wall of my bar counter to give it a shabby, yet custom-made appearance. See what...

This hydrant is now hot hot hot!

Found this beautifully aged copper fire hydrant in the yard behind an old shed. I love the color of it as the copper has changed to a patina green. But other than sticking a candle on it or turning...

Time for a broom closet- New use for a grandfather clock case.

Found this discarded clock case on the trash curb. It was brown walnut color and stained from being left in the rain. Was empty but still had glass enclosure on sides and front. (No clock inside...

Old door knobs used for curtain tie-backs

Everything in this window treatment is from trash or a yard sale. The glass doorknobs (not matching) were screwed into the wood shutters and made to tie the shears back. The shutters on the outside...

Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

Found this old metal container- in current beautiful color and thought I would turn it into a shabby chic trashcan. However the lid is rusted in place to the jug and I can't remove it. So, I stuffed...

Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

Discovered this in the trash and snatched it up. After cleaning off the mud and excess paint, I unearthed this fabulous time-worn green and white natural bleached color bannister/beam.. Its 6 feet...

Recent comments

Re: From gross to gorgeous

thanks so much Gottaluvjunk, I can't wait to write the next one which will have tons of trashformations and before and after pics. Lots of great ideas I've learned from the great people here who use Junkmarketstyle.com

Re: Vintage Stool Turned Table

Great staging! love the soft colors. Beautiful job.

Re: Wooden Ski to nautical pool sign

Thanks for the posts guys. Since we live in Florida, they're super for hanging wet towels and bathing suits on. But I could see them being used for hooks for other cool things- baseball hats, light jackets, etc.

Re: From gross to gorgeous

Thanks! I love saving things from the trash pile. Even wrote a book on it that is on Kindle if you like seeing more of my trashformations!

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

love what you used for the table base. You just gave me a great idea. Thanks!

Re: Printer's drawer coffee table

This is my favorite coffee table by far!

Re: I Love Old Hardware

Love, Love, Love this. Going to go dig around in my garage now to copy this super idea!

Re: Trash finds into Cottage Beach bath

Thanks guys. Appreciate the nice comments.

Re: Just Caulk it for a little OoOo La Laaaaa

This is beautiful. Now I'm going to be looking for old radio cabinets just so I can do one myself. Awesome!!!

Re: Trunk Table

I absolutely love this. I found one and added shorter legs to make a coffee table. I will have to post later. Loved this idea!

Re: Old windows and doors

I'm looking for two doors like this to hang on each side of an open walkway. My bedroom and master bath has no door between the space and I don't want to put a true door in because I'll lose the wall space for opening and closing. But if you hang a track above the top and put hinges on the top of each of your vintage doors, you essentially create an outside pocket door to slide at your convenience.You could have them pushed open on each side of the opening and only pull together when you want privacy.When they're against the wall,you have "art" on your wall, when pulled together over the opening,you have a closed off room. I hope I'm making it easy to understand but it's hard to describe here.Good luck!

Re: A-Door-able coffee table.

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Re: Shabby chic counter bar using old shutters

You can do it. Show us when you're finished. Would love to see it!

Re: Trash shutters to shabby chic window

Thanks guys. I like the way they filter the light too. I appreciate all the sweet comments!

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Love this. I'm looking for an old one to shabby up for my little girl's bedroom. thanks for sharing. Great job!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

All I can say is- What time is the party? Too cool not to share this on a hot summer day!

Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

love the second change and it truly is gorgeous!

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

love them all- great idea with the car mirror!


Perfect. Going to make this. Gotta have it!

Re: Converted Chandelier

Now I'm going to be looking for ugly chandeliers to transform. Thanks for the inspiration and redo. Beautiful!

Re: Old Doors

I have doors and plan on trying this. I love it!

Re: Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

Thanks, I'll look into the vinegar, but I'd be totally shocked, what kind of vinegar i wonder? White, apple cider, etc? I also like the idea for a cool table, Thanks!

Re: Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

Thanks guys. You've got me thinking alright....flowers or curtain rod? I love the visuals you are creating. Thanks so much. And of course, a shout out to MakingItHappen for being sweet and saying, leave it where it lies!

Re: Trophy Coat Rack

I love this and made a rack for the garage. I took a scrap piece of wood, painted it and personalized it. Then I mounted the trophies sideways as you did with the coat rack. Only I use it for helmets, baseball caps and roller/ice skates. ( I tie the laces together and hang them over the trophy. Now my kids can easily find their sporting equipment and it stays off the floor!