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Valentine Fun

This was a fun project I did while watching TV the other night.  It took about 20 - 30 minutes and cost less than $2 each!  One is 8x10 and the other 5x7.  Simple and cheap.

trophies, trophies, trophies!

I came across all of these trophies at a school auction.  There are tons of them, I'm guessing 150 - 200 of them.  Maybe more.  I couldn't resist them since they were only $1 for all...

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Re: This Won't Hurt a Bit!

About a year ago I bought 4 vintage dental cabinets from the 50's at an auction. They were full of these trays. I couldn't figure out what I could do with the ones that had grooves for the utensils! I kept the ones that had either no dividers or small square dividers and put the rest in my garage sale for dirt dirt cheap! Yikes!!! I should have kept them longer until I thought it through. I guess we should never get rid of anything! :)

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

That is awesome and fun! Love the graphics. Smart idea. :)

Re: Vintage Biscuit Tin Storage Idea

I have three of these that I store my ribbons and lace remnants in. I love how they look on my shelf!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

What a cool piece!! You did a wonderful job. I thought your Fleischmenn's tin
was for catching the bottle caps!

Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

I love it! What a fun piece!!

Re: A TP Holder

Cute, Cute! I love the patina on it.

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Oh what I wouldn't do to get to go to that!!! Looks like so much fun shopping to be had, but unfortunately it's a little ways from New Mexico!!!

Re: Faucet knob art

I love all of the different colors and shapes. I too collect these, and don't have too many yet but I'm working on it. :) Good job!

Re: vintage button pendents

Cute, cute!! Nifty ideal. I have so so many old buttons from my grandmothers and mother and haven't ever figured out something fun to do with them.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

You did a great job!! Congratulations!

Re: A Handmade Gift

Cool, cool, cool!! The possibilities are endless on this one. How fun!

Re: A Handmade Gift

Cool, cool, cool!! The possibilities are endless on this one. How fun!

Re: JUNKMARKET Style's 2009 Top "10" in Junk

I too am jealous. I've always wanted to go to Round Top, but I at least get to go to Canton every summer. I loved everything on your list, but my utmost favorite has to be the Primer word cards. I have been a Dick and Jane collector for about 27 years. I have yet to be able to score a set of the word cards. If you purchased those, I can't beg you enough not to alter them! :) That would be a crying shame. Thanks for the sneak peak!

Re: How to Store Ribbons

That is too sweet! But where do you find the extra countertop space???? I'm always looking for some of that! That's usually the hardest to come by.

Re: The Ugly Duckling turns into the Swan

I love that! Very neat fabric!

Re: "Distant Memories" Shadow Box

Very nice job! The color palette is great along with the vintage items you added.

Re: Valentine Fun

I have old valentines but I hated to glue them. So I cheated and used pictures of
vintage valentines on the internet and just copied and printed on regular paper.
It's the next best thing! I should have used card stock instead but I'm stingy with my card stock. :)

Re: pincushion

Boy, those look yummy!! Very creative and pretty!

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

Very very neat! I love the extra touch of the keys and crystals. Good job!!

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #1)

Your so smart! Very pretty. I like your egg cup too.

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

Boy, you got on a roll! No pun intended!! I like them all but I really like your frame/tray. Very creative!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day ~ Music For My Soul

Very nice! There are so many interesting elements to this project, not to mention the memories for you. What a special piece. Good job!

Re: Eight Ways to Deliver a Valentine

What a bunch of nifty cute ideas!! Unexpected Valentine surprises are so fun.
Loved all of your ideas!

Re: A fashionable button bouquet

What a cute idea! These would look neat on a sewing machine cabinet for decoration.

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

Very nice transformation!

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

This is a very neat looking arrangement. Very cool! It reminds me of a picture I saw a few months back in a Country Living magazine, I believe. Someone used whisk brooms like yours and hung them side by side as a window valance in a kitchen window. It sounds odd, but they looked pretty cool. Keep your great designs coming!!

Re: Ski Lodge Headboard

I love it. I can't believe how vintage your painted sign looks! Very professional, I guess that's why you're a professional! Very nice pictures, neat bedroom!

Re: Super Sunny Sunday Swap at the Sunset

Nice haul! I wish we had flea markets in my area. I love the vase you are going to use for your tulips. Have fun with all that stuff!


How cute! Very inventive to think of adding the music box to the music box! heehee. :)

Re: Viewfinder 'Reel' Table

At first glance this looks like a giant doilie. Very cool!!

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

Thanks for the link Tybeesherri. That was interesting.

Re: Salvaged Brass Keyhole Necklace

Very cool! That would look good on my photo charm necklaces. I'm jealous!!

Re: Little Ditty About Jack and Diane....

I love love love vintage valentines!!

Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

Wow! This is very RETRO COOL!!!

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

I love photo charms!! I have bought so many over the last few years. I have always wanted to learn how to make them. I have so many cool pictures I would love to put in them.

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Very nice!! You did a good job! As a "used to be matchbook collector", I especially like the idea of the matchbooks. I have all of my favorite ones flattened out just waiting for a brainstorm of a project to hit me!!

Re: Ski Tip Table

Very cool! I want to do some sort of bench with my old water skis.

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

Thank you for all of the great ideas!! There are certainly enough for several ideas and for many more to go around for others.

FunktionalJunk, you can call me whenever you are coming through this way, I'd be glad to let you take whatever you want out of it. There are wood bases and also a lot of marble bases. There is a lot of everything!! I first started taking them apart, thinking that I would sell the ornament figures on ebay. I soon lost my enthusiasm after unscrewing about 30 of them. That got old real quick! :)

My home phone # is 575-762-4683 and cell is 575-693-9287. Hopefully we can connect up when you're coming through!

Re: Mirror

I love your jewels collection! Lots of neat projects ahead for those babies!!

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

Thank you for the great ideas and comments. I'll keep trying to peddle them!!

Re: Vintage ornament display - better than Cake!

I love that! I love the old ornaments, that's all I put on my trees now.