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Re: Ink Stained Coffee Filter Heart

This would really be cool as a Christmas Wreath formed into a circle, with the edges being green, maybe a variety of green colors. Really very pretty design in the heart theme. Thanks

Re: High Chair

I also have a 1975 brown wood highchair and with the upcoming grandson I wanted to strip and repaint it for my son and daughter in law. The son was concerned about my painting the tray, if it was safe for their son, so since they are fussy about it I will paint it and keep it here for them to use when they come. It will be just fine... Thanks for getting me mentally started on a project this summer. I found a company that has the tray attachment mechanisms, which one of my springs is missing. So I will fix it and it will be like brand new, just different :-)

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

This gives me a great Idea for an OLD metal lunch box that belonged to my Father in Law (93 yrs old) that he used for his lunch for 25 years at least, before retiring in mid 1970's. I have a couple of old metal kids lunch boxes that are just on display, a small clock and I can actually use it on the counter and be a functional piece of history.
Nada :-)

Re: Little Ditty About Jack and Diane....

Would it look to caddy to have a porcelin toilet in the house? I want to use a broken one for house plants and thought it'd be fun to display inside instead of outside. And use the tank lid as a shelf as in the Premier Issue of Junk Market Style. And then not sure which room to put it into. hummmmm :-)