Industrial Can Lamp

March 15th, 2009 in projects     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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The finished product.
Isnt this the coolest can?
Here it is with the Tin Mans hat in the background.
Like I said...too plain.
The shade all glued and pinned.
OK...this is more like it.
This is the finial that I made to go with the fabric.
The finished product.

The finished product.

This seemed like such a simple idea when it was just in my head. It turned out to be a little more complicated than I thought. I took some parts off of an ugly table lamp...I mean the lamp came THROUGH the table...and drilled and inserted the rods and wire through the nifty can I had. The hard part was when I had to make the shade. I tried this tall galvanized cone shaped thing (ala Jim) but it looked like something out of the Wizard of OZ so I scrapped that idea. Next came a plain white shade that didn't work either, so I took it out and spray painted it grey. I had NEVER done that before but it worked really well. I thought it was still too plain though, so I decided to glue fabric on the inside of the shade so that the graphic shapes would show through when the light was on. After the second time I cut and glued fabric to the inside, it started to look better. Then I glued bias tape on the inside to cover all the edges and made a fancy finial for the top out of an iron fence piece, JB WELD, and the small finial that came with the lamp.I was really pleased to find a fence piece that had the same shapes that shine through the lamp shade. So finally (after a week) I am happy with the overall look... a kind of feminine industrial look, if there is such a thing.

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Comments (19)

curlyrachel writes: love what you did with the fabric! that looks GREAT!! Posted: 9:13 pm on March 21st
Chovey writes: Hey Georgia!! Now you've got me inspired once again!
cynthia Posted: 6:30 pm on April 3rd
CreepinJen writes: I haven't been on the site for a couple weeks and boy do I have some catching up to do. So far this is my favorite!

Georgia, reading the narrative of your creative process is always entertaining. You mention your trials & errors and still end up with gorgeous creations. It gives us mere mortals hope and inspiration. Okay - I'll stop gushing now. I think I'm suffering from a case of hero worship. :)

Posted: 9:18 pm on March 24th
MimiToria writes: I totally agree with Junkrat, and was going to say what she said. You've invented a new type of decorating that fits my tastes "feminine industrial". I like the touches the lampshade and finial add to your industrial designed lamp.
This is wonderful Geo. Sometimes, accidents work out better than the original designs we do.
Gretchen Posted: 11:19 am on March 20th
junkrat writes:
i believe you have created the new [truly genius!] home decor buzzword: feminine industrial!
oooooh! i just LOVE the way that sounds!
and you've gotten your new workbench all yummy and messy, too!
btw, i LOVE the lamp :) Posted: 3:48 am on March 19th
writes: GEO,
You've outdone yourself here. NICE one! And to think I saw the parts in the back of your truck a week earlier. Nice work Sister.

Please do the junk lamp company with Jim and I will join you!!

:-) JennyK Posted: 4:56 pm on March 18th
QueenofQuanity writes: Nothing junky about this! Nice work Georgia. Can't wait to meet you in Texas. We're going to have some fun!


Posted: 1:39 pm on March 18th
jillruth writes: Great! Shades are tough I think. You did a fantastic job. Posted: 5:40 pm on March 17th
fellowjunker writes: I love how this lamp turned out. The combination of industrial and feminine is a wonderful mix. Beautiful work Geo.
xojanis Posted: 1:08 pm on March 16th
Junquerette writes: Ditto to all the above! I can't stop looking at this lamp - it's so perfect. Posted: 10:01 am on March 16th
janwinn writes: Wow, I love love love this especially the way the pattern shows through with such a soft light. Great!! Posted: 7:59 am on March 16th
RobJ98167 writes: Very cool lamp Georgia- I like the combined industrial look with the softness of the shade! Posted: 9:42 pm on March 15th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I just love this Geo, and your lampshade up-do is amazing! Great combo with the galvanized base. So inspiring!
Candy Posted: 8:31 pm on March 15th
shabbychick writes: Geo...great industrial look - with just the right amount of "feminine chic"! Very cool - sometimes a project takes a few tries before it's just IS just right!!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 7:47 pm on March 15th
grannijo writes: Georgia:...That is so cool! have great ideas...keep them comng!...LOVE it!...sharon Posted: 3:44 pm on March 15th
alicemom writes: Fantanistic! I think you need to have a "lamp camp". I have sprayed lamp shades or anything that needs a good spray. Yours looks the BEST! That new work shop really works.
alice Posted: 1:18 pm on March 15th
LuAnn writes: You rock. This is great. Good job.

LuAnn Posted: 10:17 am on March 15th
suewhitney writes: Nice work Geo. Love what you did with the lampshade...ingenious! And yes, there is such a thing as feminine industrial. You just proved it! Way to go girl.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:46 am on March 15th
JunkArchitect writes: Georgia,
This is a MASTERPIECE! You have outdone yourself with the first “feminine industrial” lamp I have ever seen…actually the first feminine industrial anything I’ve ever seen. The technique of placing the fabric on the inside of the shade is brilliant and toned down the pattern to compliment the galvanized base. You couldn’t have come up with a better finial...very cool!

Do you want to start a Junk Lamp Company?

Posted: 9:39 am on March 15th
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