How to Contain Your Art Supplies

February 10th, 2019 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Color me pretty! Are you a mixed media kind of junker? Me too! Here is a solution to containing crafty tools of the trade in one convenient closet corale.
Four little chick transporters planted neatly in a row create spit-spot storage for all of your artsy supplies.
This might just be my favorite piece of this ensemble. A small spool of twine slipped neatly into this rusty piece of junk with enough room to slip a scissors in behind. Its all in the presentation. I love when things work out!
Pencils and embroidery threads here are penned up in canning jars. I chose the newer variety of second-hand jars because I wanted to easily remove the lid insert. They also work well with the contemporary/industrial/cottage mix and match I have in play here.
This is the monochromatic ying to the colorful yang of this post. String and twine are a must for every junker. Ive combined the new with the vintage and displayed them just as they are. Some things, like double fudge brownies dont need frosting.
Love, love, love Barbicide jars. Ive always employed them in bathrooms, but when I discovered that they were just the right size for storing small tissue and oragami papers... I was beside myself! Note to self, must get more.
My dear, old friend, worn wicker, makes an appearance. Inside and out this is an ab fab way to keep fabric scraps at hand and lookin good!
This small metal tin was the ideal spot to store and transport glitter containers. The color and logo are a definite pluses when it comes to the high style only junk can provide.
Clip art the old-fashioned way! Use the sides of the chick transporters as storage space with tried and true clothes pins.
This chubby little cigar box lifted from Kimberlys garage sale pile (shhh..dont tell her) was just what the Junk MD ordered. I needed a place to store small tools and a different texture. Looks like we have a win-win situation!
The raw beginnings! I have and most likely will always be drawn to hatchery junk. Its industrial feel and clean lines just get me jazzed! When you mix the hard lines of industrial with components that are softer and more colorful you will achieve a look that will satisfy just about any decorating style.
Color me pretty! Are you a mixed media kind of junker? Me too! Here is a solution to containing crafty tools of the trade in one convenient closet corale.

Color me pretty! Are you a mixed media kind of junker? Me too! Here is a solution to containing crafty tools of the trade in one convenient closet corale.

I don't know about you, but when it comes to creating with junk I love it all! I appreciate metal, paper, textiles, embellishments... the list goes on, on, and yes on. I contain my wares in a variety of ways, but for quick projects I like to have what I call a quick fix closet. Here's is the how-to for creating one of your own.

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ChristopherJames writes: I love how organized you are which would definitely encourage easy retrieval of all the items. It is never easy when trying to keep things neat and tidy at all times especially the tiny little bits. They could easily get missing if not properly stored in easy-to-spot containers. Posted: 8:53 pm on July 20th
frstyfrolk writes: Sue,

Your inventive ways never cease to amaze. I wish I lived closer to all these chickie items you use! I know I need to do more outdoor flea markets. IT was an honor to have met you in Texas and I don't call that a flea Market! WOW!

Your descriptions are over the top! I am in desperate need of room. I thik I need a barn to work in. But, my little workrooms are full and I need these space organizers more than you ever know!

Thanks for all the inspirations and ideas you share. I did have a ton of clear plastic shoe boxes. and I shall now open up my decorative tins to USE THEM!
Smiles, Cyndi Posted: 9:12 am on May 22nd
junkinyaya writes: Hi Sue!

Thanks for your sweet comments! Hopefully, we will be able to finally meet while you are in Texas! Email me directly and I will give you my cell number (I live only 45 miles from Round Top)...and I do plan on being there. But, I come in like a tornado---going to all my vendors that I buy from for the shop and then back to the city. :)

My direct email is:

Hope to hear from you soon, so we can finally meet!

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya) Posted: 5:56 pm on February 23rd
shabbychick writes: Sue - organization can be such a beautiful thing - your quick fix closet definitely is!!!

Thanks for sharing - and I love the twine holder too!!

Kathy Posted: 9:49 am on February 23rd
JunkArchitect writes: Sue, great organization and it inspired me to put a little more effort into wrapping my daughter’s birthday present. No cheap wrapping paper this time. Posted: 10:01 pm on February 22nd
writes: Very cool Sue. Love the photos, the presentation, the ideas. You are one savvy junkin' gal.

And when you get tired of that thing the twine and scissors are in just let me know ;-)

Nice job!

JennyK Posted: 11:23 pm on February 21st
DownHomeDIY writes: I can not contain myself! Love it! Posted: 8:58 pm on February 21st
berton718 writes: It looks GREAT!! I love it!! I wish I had space to do this!! Posted: 9:21 am on February 21st
CottageElements writes: Oh, to be so organized. I'm jealous! I love those chick transporters. I have one for my laundry room, but it's not as narrow. I'd love some in that size for shelving. What a wonderful wicker suitcase, too. I need to get going and get organized!

Lani Posted: 8:45 pm on February 20th
fellowjunker writes: Sue.....I love what you did with your organizing project. It is so fun to see all the different ways you used junk pieces to organize. I, too, have been having fun with organizing and your pictures have given me some more inspiration.
xojanis Posted: 4:23 pm on February 20th
georgiamoon writes: Ah this post couldn't have come at a better time.... As I am in the beginning stages of transforming the old men's bathroom that I have been using as storage (and I am using that term loosely, mainly because things have been literally PITCHED in and the door slammed) into a project/junk room. I need all the help I can get on how to organize my stuff. I'll get it looking great until the first time I actually DO something in there. I'm taking the door off the hinges so I can't just close it, and my mind, to the mess. Hopefully I can incorporate some of these super good ideas to keep things looking good and available for use. Wish me luck, Geo Posted: 3:10 pm on February 20th
alicemom writes: Sue...........I love it all. As I write I was taken a cleaning off my "table" break. Lucky me thanks for more inspiration.
alice :-) Posted: 1:01 pm on February 20th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What perfect shelving units. I think why I love them best is because they have sides which contain junk a little better. Your little rusty junk piece that holds your twine is pretty spectacular. No more ball of twine unraveling all over the place!

Thanks for the great tips! Looks great!
Candy Posted: 8:14 am on February 20th
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