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February 13th, 2009 in member junk     
judithomas judithomas, member
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I have seen melted record album fruit bowls on JMS, but I needed a couple of romantic Valentines Day Candle Holders.

So.....I added a few charms, sparkles and beads....and here are my repurposed vinyl album candle holders!  I simply molded the vinyl record into a shallow shape instead of a deeper fruit bowl shape. When the sides were cool, I heated metal shish-ka-bob skewer and pierced the edges for the dangling beads.

I had to try a couple of times to find a shape I liked.  But it is so easy to change the shape of the record.  If I did not like the shape of the candle platform, I just put it back in the oven to melt again.  This is a no-fail project!  

I would have posted earlier, but I had to wait until I had given my mom her candle holder!  I didn't want her to see it here first and spoil her surprise!

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AndreaOpulentCottage writes: OK, now that's clever! And your wall color looks GORGEOUS. Thanks for all of the bottle and cobbler love!! I would love to have you come by, especially at one of our sales - we have such a good time over here. We'll have to get together for sure. I have just found this site, and it's taking all of the discipline I have to work today, and not surf around over here!
Talk to you soon, Andrea Posted: 3:56 pm on February 23rd
judithomas writes: You guys notice I "stacked the deck" so to speak? I see comments friends from my work and from my well as my mom!

This is a wonderful surprise to read such nice responses from everyone!

I am loving working on these candleholders and I have ideas for other record album projects rattling around in my head....just waiting to get out!

Posted: 9:50 pm on February 15th
1daB writes: Judi, This is SO cool. You are an inspiration, girl. Your mom pointed me in this direction....She loves her Valentine's Day present. :) Posted: 5:42 pm on February 15th
CassieScott writes: We were all loving this at work! Judi, I think you could put a order form out and be very busy. It is absolutely beautiful. Posted: 2:14 pm on February 15th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Such a nice gift to mom! Thanks for sharing.
Candy Posted: 9:18 am on February 15th
Chovey writes: I have several of these record 'baskets' in the shop...aren't they so much to make? However, I am tired of just the basket use...thanks so much for the great idea how to use them for something else!
cynthia Posted: 8:07 pm on February 14th
judithomas writes: She is just being a partial Mom!!!.......but I AM glad you liked it!

Thanks to EVERYONE for your nice responses!

Judi Posted: 8:02 pm on February 14th
texasjunkermom writes: And I love the surprise!!! Don't I have a craft-y daughter? It fits perfectly in my house, though I have to say, it's a lucky thing she didn't just keep it. It looks good in HER house too! Love it, love it. (Thanks, Judi!) Posted: 2:11 pm on February 14th
grannijo writes: Cool.... Posted: 8:48 am on February 14th
irishrovr writes:
I love the shape you ended up with! What a nice present for your mum!

Eileen Posted: 12:54 am on February 14th
SeaGlassLady writes: Wow! This is really neat! Posted: 12:06 am on February 14th
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