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NDJunkGirl Andrea Miller, contributor
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Last years summertime mantel.  Theres a lot of old stuff going on...maybe too much?  Not!
I suppose the tiles couldve said summer or something more original, but I liked cool junk better.
This is one great piece.  Its part of an old gate.   You can see it in the first photo.  Theres no other place in the house where I like it more then on the dining room mantel!
Theres a lot of good rusty stuff here on my family room mantel...an Autumn photo from 2008...see how great the fall colors go with rust?!
Heres my family room mantel today...just plain and simple during these winter months.  The star is made from farm machinery.  A picture of my sons I took a few years ago is attached to an old grain bin door (rusty handle still attached). My teenage boys hate the look, but me? Love it! 
Last years summertime mantel.  Theres a lot of old stuff going on...maybe too much?  Not!

Last year's "summertime" mantel.  There's a lot of old stuff going on...maybe too much?  Not!

Junk 'em up!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design
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irishrovr writes:
Awesomeness at it's very best! The old gate seems to tie everything together - love it!

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 10:37 pm on March 31st
NDJunkGirl writes: Christy, yes, the gate is just propped on the mantel; I didn't attach it to the wall. There's a small ledge on the mantel so it won't slide off. Thanks to everyone for the really nice compliments. Wish I could get an updated photo of my boys, but unfortunately they are teenage "men" now with minds of their own...when did that happen? Posted: 11:12 am on March 7th
csudderth writes: Lovely displays. You obviously have a talent for displays., Love that old gate piece. Is it just sitting on the mantle with the other goodies around it?
Christy Posted: 9:39 pm on March 6th
texasjunkermom writes: How many mantels do you have?! Goodness, you have an abundance of riches there. So beautiful, every one. Yep, the grain bin door and the rusty gate are outstanding. (The boys are cute too!) Posted: 11:04 pm on March 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Love your displays! That photo of your boys attached to the grain bin door is superb. It just works together so well.

Thanks for sharing your great ideas!
Candy Posted: 1:08 pm on March 5th
suewhitney writes: Unbelievably nice displays. Way to go!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:53 am on March 5th
shabbychick writes: Great mantle - great style! I love that gate piece - how awesome! And, your simpler winter look is nice too - the grain bin door and the picture of your sons look perfect together!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 9:05 am on March 5th
JunkArchitect writes: Great displays with a lot of fantastic junkÔÇŽI really like the grain bin door.

Jim Posted: 11:11 pm on March 4th
CottageElements writes: Love all your awesome rusty pieces. That gate is absolutely fabulous! And I love how it all comes together.

Lani Posted: 10:26 pm on March 4th
alicemom writes: I just love it all. The picture on the old grain door is great. Good Idea.
alice Posted: 9:06 pm on March 4th
rebeljunker writes: ND JunkGirl, you are very creative. I love all your mantels. Di Posted: 8:54 pm on March 4th
Chovey writes: I love it! Especially the door and photos!!
cynthia Posted: 7:30 pm on March 4th
junkfestgirl writes: NDJunkGirl...you never cease to amaze me! You can come and dress up my mantel anytime....just gotta get me one! Posted: 6:21 pm on March 4th
thehillbillies writes: No- there is never too much junk! I get my junking from my father... my mother walks in my house and wonders how I can stand to be in a room so 'busy'... to me the busier the better! Love your mantel decorations! The autumn one is beautiful with all the rusty stuff... Posted: 4:55 pm on March 4th
piecesofthepast writes: I love it all...very creatively displayed! Posted: 4:12 pm on March 4th
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