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Isn't it "B"eautiful?  It was free (bounty) for the asking today at lunch.  They were putting new signage on the building where I work.  It stands about 36 1/2" tall and about 9" deep.  I have no idea what I'll do with it, but it just makes me "B"eam.  I'm sure someone out there will have an idea for me.  It still has it's lighting inside too.

Just goes to show you can even be a junker during the work week in the city.

And best of all my last name begins with "B".

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chiccottagejunk writes: I just wish I could get into the right place at the right time for some plunder like this! Great job on snagging this "B"eauty! Posted: 9:05 pm on February 15th
csudderth writes: Lucky, lucky you. You were definitely in the right place at the right time. I wouldn't do anything to it. It's perfect just like it is. Just let it B
Christy Posted: 10:25 pm on February 11th
junkermidge writes: That's so awesome! I'm with the others, don't do anything to it. Just display it and let it B. Totally cool!

Midge Posted: 8:31 pm on February 11th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: B is for Bwaaahhhhh!!! I want a cool letter like that!! Posted: 2:27 pm on February 11th
bridiemurphy writes: You've gotta put it in a prominent place...over the fireplace? in a garden? amazing piece, i'm trying to get up the nerve to ask a business that's going out of business if i might have some of the signage -- highly sought after, these wonderful letters Posted: 11:24 am on February 11th
shabbychick writes: Silly thought...Vanna White would have a rough time "flipping" that letter!! Anyway...what a "B"ig "B"onus you got from your job!

I agree with the group - proudly display your "B" - it'll be a BIG hit!!! (and a little shelf space is a great idea too)

"B" sure to show us a pic...can't wait to see where you put it.

Kathy Posted: 10:52 am on February 11th
suewhitney writes: WOW! I love letters and free to "b"oot. It just doesn't get any better. Sometimes junk just speaks for itself and you don't have to do anything with it. I would just proudly display this letter on your wall of choice.

Nice get!
Sue Posted: 8:20 am on February 11th
berton718 writes: I collect the letter"B". You are so lucky!! I love it!!!!!!! Posted: 1:32 am on February 11th
SweetMelissa writes: I agree with JennyK. No need to do a thing with this "B"ig "B". "B"ecause it is very "B"ecoming on it's own!! Although once you find the perfect spot for it, since it's 9" deep you could use the top and the two openings as shelves for some cute things that start with.......B! Posted: 12:07 am on February 11th
irishrovr writes: You just got the junker's holy grail - your initial in lights and as big as a major appliance! How would it look lit up at night on your chimney? :-)

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 11:45 pm on February 10th
MimiToria writes: This would look great over a fireplace mantle. Check out Sue's book, she has a big "W" above her fireplace and it is such a statement and looks just awesome.
You really scored here! Great find-
Gretchen Posted: 9:54 pm on February 10th
QueenofGreen writes: Wow! I love type styles and BIG sizes and this is my initial!
Beth Posted: 9:51 pm on February 10th
Chovey writes: WHOOA!!!

Junk Envy....!

cynthia Posted: 8:58 pm on February 10th
MelHow writes: Talk about the jackpot!! Good for you!! If I am correct, that is your dishwasher behind it - great way of giving us scale!! Posted: 8:18 pm on February 10th
writes: BBBBBBBBBBEAUTIFUL! Nice score on this. I don't think you need to do anything but put it in a special place and enjoy it.

JennyK Posted: 7:24 pm on February 10th
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