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February 5th, 2009 in member junk     
janwinn janwinn, member
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After seeing NDJunkGirl's amazing record holder, I thought I'd show you what I do with those LPs that are too scratched for playing.  I melt them in the oven and then mould them into bowl shapes.  I have black worktops in my kitchen so this bowl fits right in.  I love the fluted edges to this one!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - janwinn
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janwinn writes: Hi Christy, I put them in a lowish oven and for not very long. Just keep checking them as they get soft pretty quickly. They also harden quickly once out of the heat but you can put them back as many times as you like. Posted: 4:41 am on February 10th
suewhitney writes: Love it! Thanks for a great r-purpose idea.

Happy Junking,
Sue Posted: 11:40 am on February 8th
csudderth writes: Fun, fun fun! How long do you have to heat them?
Christy Posted: 3:16 pm on February 7th
irishrovr writes: I like the texture and the shine on these bowls! Good thinking!

Eileen Posted: 2:52 pm on February 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Very cool idea, Janwinn! I see old LP's at thrift stores for as little as $.50/each.

Thanks for sharing.
Candy Posted: 2:21 pm on February 5th
NDJunkGirl writes: Janwinn! How fun is this idea?! My Junk Fest friend Lynette used old LP's and 45's to make cake stands (using old candlesticks as the base). So adorable! Many fun uses for these old "goodies"! Music to my ears - ha! Andrea Posted: 12:49 pm on February 5th
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