Happy Valentine's Day ~ Music For My Soul

February 5th, 2009 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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Happy Valentines Day!
Memories from elementary school.
Our teacher told us to hold a card over our hearts and that it would make our souls sing.
Old red yardstick, checker board pieces and cardboard letters painted and distressed to appear as if made of porcelain.
Vintage and hand made components.
Piano music roll top and center.
Hearts cut from pine.
Pieces I fabricated for the arrow. My concept skecth in the background.
Paint matched to a vintage Valentine’s Day card.
Creating the pattern.
Distressing and detailing the painted finish.
Old game pieces used as accent details.
Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Photo: Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)

Old memories rushed back as I started conceptualizing this project. I saw myself sitting in my second grade classroom on Valentine’s Day with my bag full of little cards all ready to hand out to my classmates.

After everyone had their cards, our teacher would start a player piano. With music in the background, we opened all our tiny envelopes. Years later, I still remember one card with two hearts overlapping and cupid’s arrow piercing both. That card along with all the others was lost as the years passed by.

It was the artwork on that one little Valentine’s Day card which was the inspiration for this project…50+ years later.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)
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Comments (17)

shabbychick writes: Jim - you've done it again! Wonderful vintage Valentine - very retro - well done!!! Your paint technique pulls it all together so perfectly.

Love your story of grade school memories. I remember decorating my Valentine box (shoe box or kleenex box...whatever we had) - I think that was my favorite part of the holiday! (oh...and the cookies too!!)

Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day!!


P.S. Christy - I think I'd be signing up for a painting class too!!

Posted: 9:20 am on February 12th
DownHomeDIY writes: The details and layers on this design are amazing! What a special holiday treat. Thanks for sharing. Posted: 9:12 pm on February 10th
writes: Jim,
I'm not sure what I enjoyed more about your submission: the wonderful sentimental narrative, your step by step photos or the fabulous end result... It is all just lovely.

Bravo Jim!

JennyK Posted: 2:39 am on February 8th
writes: Jim,
I'm not sure what I enjoyed more about your submission: the wonderful sentimental narrative, your step by step photos or the fabulous end result... It is all just lovely.

Bravo Jim!

JennyK Posted: 2:39 am on February 8th
bridiemurphy writes: Hi Jim, not sure what I like better, the music or your lovely words... Posted: 10:39 am on February 7th
bolmscheid writes: What a fantastic Valentine! Love the lettering and your signature distressed finish ... Brought back memories of our Valentine's Day celebration in the one-room schoolhouse I attended ... all those shoeboxes carefully decorated and filled with valentine's cards. Can't wait to see your next project!

Brenda Posted: 10:09 am on February 7th
1retrogal writes: Very nice! There are so many interesting elements to this project, not to mention the memories for you. What a special piece. Good job!
Karen Posted: 9:48 pm on February 6th
csudderth writes: This is wonderful--love how all the pieces have a story behind them. Your painting just makes your projects. Wish you lived closer and I would be bugging you to teach me how you get that great distressed look. Mine never turns out that good.
Christy Posted: 10:43 am on February 6th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

Here's JMS contrubutor Jim's take on the challenge... I see some of you have already checked it out. WOW..now this is what I call a Valentine!!! I love all of the little details and the story that goes with it makes it extra special. Very cool!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 8:31 am on February 6th
whiteflower writes: Thanks for trip down memory lane. Super creative project done in your distinct style. Very retro feel to your valentine. It looks like it was made during the 50's. Love it! Posted: 7:55 am on February 6th
fellowjunker writes: Ah Jim...........I just love your project, as well as the sentiments attached to it!!!!! You did an amazing job on this project.
I am having such fun seeing all the different things created using these infamous piano rolls!!
xojanis Posted: 10:00 pm on February 5th
roadtriplouise writes: Impressive Jim, I love how you combine the vintage and new. You have a big heart, along with special memories that you use to create. Thanks.
Ann Posted: 4:08 pm on February 5th
irishrovr writes: What a wonderful way to revive a sweet memory! I love it!

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 2:44 pm on February 5th
georgiamoon writes: Jim, Jim ,Jim, you really are a ROMANTIC at heart. This is so incredibly well done and professional, but still has the innocence of that little boy that lives inside of you. It is so beautiful and charming. I love how you tied it to your memories, but it has relevance to the music rolls too. God I loved Valentine's Day back then, I still remember the excitement of getting those tiny cards, and this project makes me feel the same way. Excellent job my friend, Georgia Posted: 2:19 pm on February 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What a great project, Jim! I loved reading all the details from your 2nd grade class and wonder if your teacher realized what a wonderful memory she provided you. Your creation is beautiful!
Candy Posted: 2:03 pm on February 5th
CottageElements writes: Jim, you really out-did yourself on this one. You did an increadible job! Love how tied it in with memories from your past. Awesome piece!

Lani Posted: 12:29 pm on February 5th
MimiToria writes: Wow Jim! You sure used a lot of details, cool vintage items, as well as new items made to blend in with the vintage to create once again a phenomenal piece of art. Love how the memories of your Valentine's Day with that 2nd grade classroom teacher inspired this project.
Very original, creative and memorable. Way to go!
Gretchen Posted: 11:57 am on February 5th
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