Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

November 13th, 2018 in member junk     
whiteflower whiteflower, member
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Winter paper garden.
Winter paper garden.

Winter paper garden.

I had so much fun challenging myself to use every bit of the piano roll!  With just one roll I was able to create a wintery but warm centerpiece -- complete with over two dozen paper long-stemmed roses, a softly glowing luminary, and two bud vases.  Plus, the box makes a perfect presentation for a single paper rose!  The wrapped luminary and inner-roll bud vases are clean, simple designs, and the paper roses only took a bit manipulation and luckily the paper wasn't too brittle.  

Pattern or design used: My own design - www.whiteflowerfarmhouse.com
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RustyDiva writes: Very pretty and creative! Love all the softness! Posted: 3:32 pm on December 25th
shabbychick writes: Oh these roses are beautiful - what a clever idea! We found some piano rolls this past summer, so may have to try this.

Guess I missed out on that challenge...oh well - I'm sure there will be more to come! :)

Thanks for sharing, Whiteflower!

Kathy Posted: 8:35 pm on December 23rd
DownHomeDIY writes: I had never seen this either. This is so pretty and soothing to me. I love it. Just a timeless creation.
I just ordered a set of her old sapp bells and love them!! The packaging alone made me giddy. You all have to check out the link to her site. Awesome!
Happy Holidays White Flower and keep up the great posts!
~MB Posted: 8:00 pm on December 23rd
54girl writes: Oh is this beautiful !!! Have not seen this before so glad it was posted again. Just gorgeous!!! Mary Posted: 3:40 pm on December 23rd
writes: Oh my do I remember those piano scrolls... ;-)

whiteflower really showed us how it was done with these. SUCH an amazing job. Thanks for picking this one Sue!

Jenny K Posted: 2:10 pm on December 23rd
Heavenly_Treasures writes: THAT IS ABSOLUETLY BEAUTIFUL.What a great job you did.A tremondous idea.A special blessing to you ROBERT. Posted: 8:53 am on December 23rd
suewhitney writes: I have to say that I so enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane and seeing all of the amazing projects posted by JMS's talented members. Some made me smile, some brought a tear to my eye, and some made me say "Wow! That's cool", but they all may me very proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of junker's. Cheers to all! This was a very difficult decision, as you can well imagine, but I chose this project from White Flower. First of all it made me remember just how mad all of the contributors were when I delivered these piano rolls to them for a contributor's challenge. Sorry....I hope you've forgiven me. White Flower jumped in the fun, challenged herself, and posted this stunning project. Working with this paper is very difficult and she made it look easy. Congrats on a job well done White Flower and to all of the members here at JMS. You are all too cool for school. Thanks for sharing your talents here at JMS! Have a warm and wonderful holiday and I look forward with unbridled anticipation to the new year ahead.

Big Hugs to All,
Sue Posted: 2:35 pm on December 15th
fleachic writes: Love those to death!!!! Great Idea!!! Hugzzz...Tiina... Posted: 10:14 am on March 14th
suewhitney writes: Absolutely gorgeous! Love.love,love. Thanks so much for taking the challenge.

Take care
Sue Posted: 4:09 pm on February 6th
CountingYourBlessing writes: I love it! What a great idea. And I agree with Junkpony, patience must be one of your virtues =) Blessings... Polly Posted: 3:16 pm on February 6th
CottageElements writes: I just realized this project causes me to break out into song . . .

"Paper Roses, Paper Roses . . . "

My bad! I just couldn't help myself! LOL!

Lani Posted: 11:33 pm on February 5th
whiteflower writes: Hi everyone, thank you for all of the kind feedback! As I said, it was a really fun project, and I'm loving seeing the variety and creativity of all of the contributions -- can't wait to see the rest! The paper roses are pretty straightforward to make -- you just need to be willing to work with them a bit to get the result you want. They are made from long strips of piano paper, about 1.5 inches wide,cut on a curve. You roll them loosely, pinching the bottom to create shape. I added drops of glue along the way, but it shouldn't take much. The trick is all in the rolling and the pinching! Have fun! Posted: 8:27 pm on February 5th
georgiamoon writes: I wanna make paper roses too. How did you do that? Do you mind sharing your technique? I think they are fantastic. I think you are fantastic too! Georgia Posted: 4:59 pm on February 5th
JunkArchitect writes: Unbelievably cool project. The rolls are very brittle so I can just imagine the effort you put into creating these. Posted: 11:29 am on February 5th
SweetMelissa writes: I've been loving the piano roll projects, but I have to say, I think this is my favorite. Nice work! Posted: 11:00 pm on February 4th
rebeljunker writes: Whiteflower, I really admire your talent!! This is very beautiful! Di Posted: 10:57 pm on February 4th
fellowjunker writes: GORGEOUS!!!!
xojanis Posted: 9:37 pm on February 4th
junkermidge writes: GOR-ge-us! You did such a nice job with the challenge. Very innovative thinking. And what a beautiful display it makes.
Way to go.

Midge Posted: 9:03 pm on February 4th
junkjunkie writes: This is so beautiful! I absolutely love it. Wonderful job.

Patty B. Posted: 7:51 pm on February 4th
CottageElements writes: What a beautiful job you did with your piano roll! Love everything about it. I was thinking the luminary looked a little like birch bark, too. I know now what to do with my leftovers! Thanks for the idea!

Lani Posted: 6:00 pm on February 4th
CreepinJen writes: I love everything! Especially the luminary with the little heart embelishment. It reminds me of birch bark. Everything is so delicate and feminine looking. I would feel a little better about winter with "whites" like these. Posted: 5:32 pm on February 4th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Lovely, lovely post! You'll see you and I had a similar thought when my challenge project is posted. (And no, I didn't attempt those pretty roses of yours...so cute!). Like Gretchen, I want to attempt some with my scraps as well.

Beautiful centerpiece and thanks for adding so much to the challenge!
Candy Posted: 3:58 pm on February 4th
MimiToria writes: Love the luminary you created with this as well as the roses. I may have to do some of this with my leftovers when I get my project finished. Thanks for playing along. You did awesome as well as everyone else so far.
Gretchen Posted: 2:43 pm on February 4th
plumberdaughter writes: Very cool! I love the roses what a cool centerpiece. Posted: 2:40 pm on February 4th
Junkpony writes: Wow, great ideas - a luminary is a perfect use for a piano roll. I would have had no patience whatsoever trying to shape those things into roses! Posted: 1:49 pm on February 4th
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