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ENJOY the day.  ENJOY your meal.  ENJOY your family. ENJOY your friends.  ENJOY your pets...ENJOY the silence.  
So much to ENJOY. 
Sues packaging was too darn cute to set aside.  I knew a reuse of the ribbon, key and even the letters was in order.
Supplies needed for the ENJOY tray with candle holders:  One piano roll (or remnant), vintage scrolly gold frame, spray paint, glass cylinders, ribbon, glue and additional embellishments.
Spray paint the gold frame a color of your choosing.  Add pretty papers and rub-on letters to convey your idea. 
I used the beginning of the piano roll because I thought the tab was really cool.  The tan paper looks really good against the gray and black IRL.
Go Tell Your Mother
Glass cylinders can be found new for a few dollars each, however, check out thrift stores.  For less than a buck a piece you can really make a nice grouping with them. 
Decoupage the paper directly to the glass, then add two coats over top.  Glue grosgrain ribbon around the rims to trim them out.  (I actually think black velvet would have looked terrific too).  I made sure to include some of the lyrics from the piano roll as well.  Dont forget to read them starting from the bottom.     
All lit up.  The music holes really light up nicely. 
Tray chic!
ANIMAL CRACKERS!  Thats how it read on my box.  I knew I wanted to place this project in one of my girls rooms. 
With a vintage lamp shade stripped down to the frame, I added cool clips and sections of cardstock and piano roll paper. 
Gotta leave those lyrics on there somewhere!
I hope my daughter is as wild about her lamp as the songwriter is about animal crackers! 
ENJOY the day.  ENJOY your meal.  ENJOY your family. ENJOY your friends.  ENJOY your pets...ENJOY the silence.  
So much to ENJOY. 

ENJOY the day.  ENJOY your meal.  ENJOY your family. ENJOY your friends.  ENJOY your pets...ENJOY the silence.  

So much to ENJOY. 

After a bit of struggling for ideas for my piano rolls, I decided to go with simple projects anyone could tackle.   

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cowbootie writes: Great ideas. I especially love the candle cylinders...they have a very detailed appearance. Nice! Posted: 8:53 pm on December 30th
MichelleG22 writes: I love this idea! The candle holders are beautiful, the tray is amazing and the lamp, so CUTE! You are so creative! :)Michelle Posted: 1:32 pm on October 10th
frstyfrolk writes: These are Awesome Ideas Candy, Who'da thought?

I have that lampshade in the garage, going to work! But no piano rolls, I wish! I will find something!

Smiles, Cyndi Posted: 9:44 am on May 22nd
rosejunker2009 writes: Hi:
BEAUTIFUL, I just got a piano roll and didn't know what to do, got a great idea. Posted: 9:09 pm on March 23rd
shabbychick writes: Candy - you are just overflowing with ideas!!! So lovely and elegant as usual - love the candlelight through the piano rolls, and the tray is another clever project as well. Love it all - and of course, your photos are spectacular!! :)

Kathy Posted: 3:39 pm on February 11th
1retrogal writes: Boy, you got on a roll! No pun intended!! I like them all but I really like your frame/tray. Very creative!
Karen Posted: 10:45 pm on February 9th
junkermidge writes: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love it all! Great job on the challenge.

Midge Posted: 6:29 pm on February 9th
whiteflower writes: Candy, The ENJOY theme is creative & wonderful. What a group of lovely projects, displayed beautifully. Your clean, crisp, style is done to perfection! Posted: 8:09 am on February 8th
writes: Wow Gal! You did an amazing job with not just one idea but many. I'm not sure which one I like the most but am leaning towards the candles - but the lampshade is just divine... Your finish work is wonderful and a just a beautiful presentation.


JennyK Posted: 2:35 am on February 8th
JunkArchitect writes: Candy,
What great ideas you have come up with. The Lamp Shade is incredibly cool with the clips and the Tray is a piece of art. You really used you imagination with the piano music rolls…everything looks so professional.

Jim Posted: 6:25 pm on February 7th
CottageElements writes: Candy, wonderful as ever. You make even simple projects looks so elegant. And your photographs are superb! Love everything about this. Sure glad this is a challenge and not a contest! Great job!

Lani Posted: 6:09 pm on February 7th
MimiToria writes: Candy - Your projects you've created are wonderful. I love the candle wraps that both you and whiteflower were inspired to do, and plan to make some for myself with my leftovers. The tray idea was very cool too. I think your Simple projects are fabulous. Thanks for sharing! Posted: 5:49 pm on February 7th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Thanks all! I had a lot of fun with this and now want to try some of the other ideas I saw on the site with all my leftovers.

Kevin - Yes, a low wattage bulb is necessary - others may burn your eyes out. ;) I used a 25-watt bulb since we already had an overhead light in the room. I'd love to see what you come up with so make sure you post your finished shade redo's!

Take care,
Candy Posted: 4:41 pm on February 7th
georgiamoon writes: Once again Candy, you have done an amazing job! All of your ideas are fantastic and simple but look so great! I love the way you show that simple projects can still be elegant, romantic and fun. The lampshade is so inventive and a great use of the paper, as are all the things you have come up with. You did a great job on this challenge, Georgia Posted: 2:48 pm on February 7th
kmayflowers writes: Candy, I love the lampshade. What bulb did you use? Something with low wattage? Now I know what I'm going to do with all the torn lampshades I've been saving. This is beautiful.
Kevin Posted: 2:17 pm on February 7th
SweetMelissa writes: All of these are so nicely done. You have great vision! Posted: 1:14 pm on February 7th
fellowjunker writes: Me again Candy....
Forgot to mention how impressive your photography always have an amazing eye for setting up a picture and your angles are always done to perfection. Your photography is a real inspiration to me.
xojanis Posted: 11:33 am on February 7th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Candy
I've been anxiously awaiting your piano roll project, and you (as usual) have done a fabulous job. Can't believe all the great ideas you came up with. One of my favorite uses of these piano rolls is the candle idea, as I really think it highlights them in all their glory. Your lamp idea is INGENIOUS, and I just love how your simple idea (which I never ever would have thought of) of attaching the clips to a shade gives a whole different look to a lamp shade!!!
xojanis Posted: 11:31 am on February 7th
junkfestgirl writes: I LOVE the tray with the wine bottle, glasses and candles! Very "black tie" appearance! And the lamp shade is ingenious! Posted: 11:27 am on February 7th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

It's Candy's turn to show us her spin on the piano roll. She, as usual dished up some nifty ideas. I love all of the different applications..the candles, the tray, and the lampshade. Very well done my friend! They are all great and you made it too hard for me to pick a favorite.I'm loving this challenge! Everyone is showing us ab fab ideas. Way to go!

Take care,
Posted: 10:44 am on February 7th
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