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Here is the "menopausal woman" I welded.  She has some serious attitude and can go from cold to hot in a "flash".  LOL  Her body was made from some cannister that I picked up at the metal salvage yard and her mood gauge is from a shower assembly.  The skirt is an old tennis or golf ball basket, her feet are hinges and her legs and arms are made from pipe from the salvage yard.  Her ankle bracelets are old springs.  Her hair is the springs from an old car seat.  She's about 4 1/2 feet tall but don't let her size fool you.  Her hands on her hips let you know she means business.


Pattern or design used: My own design
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vangogh_sister writes: have always wanted to weld and have a farmer friend who says he can show me. others say, "ooooew, there is much involved." do i need real classes or can an amateur work with metal? i have a scarecrow in mind and a junk yard down the road. Posted: 9:34 pm on November 3rd
Chovey writes: never cease to amaze me!! Awesome!
cynthia Posted: 9:31 pm on February 6th
csudderth writes: Snowmanhill, I get my heads from King Metal Supply. You can check them out at
I buy the hollow metal hemispheres. I just decide what size I need and of course you have to buy 2 and then weld them together. If you decide to buy you might want to get several at a time because the shipping is rather expensive for just ordering 1 set. I've also used other "found" items. I used one of those old kerosene flares that they used to put in the road to show road construction. I just turned it upside down and then put a hat on her. I've also used some stainless steel floats that my husband got in the oilfield. Just use your imagination and I'm sure you can come up with something. Good luck and post some pics after you get a project finished.

Christy Posted: 9:47 pm on January 29th
SnowmanHill writes: I love your junk ladies, what do you use for the heads? I'm going to visit my Dad, and am going to show him your pictures, and I know that will be his first question, thanks. Posted: 12:58 pm on January 28th
georgiamoon writes: Oh this a GOOD one. One we have all morphed into at one time or another! Love that you can tell by her gauge where is on the Richter scale..mine is always a surprise! Great job as always, geo Posted: 12:55 pm on January 28th
shabbychick writes: Christy, Christy, Christy...we have a spokeswoman!!! She is so cool (or hot - depending on the moment, right??)! I love her.

You've done another awesome job doing your welding thing!! And, you can see - there are a few of us who are envious of your skill/gift!!!

Thanks for sharing - she made me laugh!!!

Kathy Posted: 5:52 pm on January 27th
QueenofGreen writes: Oh honey, I laughed aloud! I want a dial just like that so my wonderful co-workers can see how I'm feeling hour to hour. Your metal meno-woman is way cool! Thanks for sharing. Posted: 4:55 pm on January 27th
Junkpony writes: I love it, she has great attitude! You can WELD?? I'm sooo envious... Posted: 12:55 pm on January 27th
csudderth writes: Thanks for all the comments, everyone. I figured most of us could relate to this gal. My daughter wants to know what I'm going to do with her and I told her I might just have to keep her. She makes me smile and I had fun making her.

Snowmanhill--take your Dad up on his offer to teach you to weld. You'll get to spend quality time with your Dad and learn a new skill to boot.

Christy Posted: 8:50 pm on January 26th
JunkArchitect writes: What a great combination of junk parts. You’re really lucky that you have the equipment to weld…I wish I did. Posted: 8:47 pm on January 26th
CottageElements writes: Christy, she is truly wonderful! Love it! A bunch of us junkers were just at an antique store and spent a good amount of time talking about hot flashes! She would have fit right in with the conversation! LOL!

Lani Posted: 6:30 pm on January 26th
MelHow writes: She definitely does have attitude!! Posted: 3:54 pm on January 26th
SnowmanHill writes: She is awesome, and boy can I relate to her, LOL. My Dad welds fun stuff, he said he would teach me how to weld, I might have to learn. Posted: 3:19 pm on January 26th
MimiToria writes: Your girl is a hoot and what a conversation piece she is as well. Great project!
Gretchen Posted: 10:53 am on January 26th
junkermidge writes: Christy -- this gal is amazing! I love her. You do such a good job with your lady creations. Way to go!

Midge Posted: 10:22 pm on January 25th
irishrovr writes: This is a hoot! I love it! Posted: 9:43 pm on January 25th
suewhitney writes: OK, Christy....this is hysterical! LOVE her!

Take care
Sue Posted: 9:33 pm on January 25th
Redesigned writes: Oh, I can so relate...she is awesome!! Posted: 9:14 pm on January 25th
upyourattic writes: She is wonderful !!

I have many girlfriends who would love to own her ~ you need to make more of these!!

Tooooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

Patti Posted: 8:18 pm on January 25th
Chovey writes: Oooh. I love Menopausal girl...she speaks for all!!!

cynthia Posted: 8:12 pm on January 25th
shadygrove writes: Christy,
As one of those ladies who can go from 0 to 600 degrees in about 2 minutes, I can really relate to this fine lady. Seeing all the great things you made is one of the reasons I joined JunkMarket. I love her!

Cindy Posted: 7:07 pm on January 25th
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