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January 23rd, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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We all have our favorite jewelry that we wear more often than some of our other pieces. Keep them within easy reach on your dressing table on a fan-tabulous organizer.
Using upholstery tacks you can easily hang earrings, bracelets. necklaces, and even rings. Easy on. easy off!
An old fan, some cork, and a new favorite tool was all I needed to get this fan up and running again.
I love this fan and am really not sure if it is a true antique or just old. I didnt want to do anything too drastic in case it is valuable. The cork can easily be removed and the fan rewired and brought back to its original purpose.
Dont try this at home! Getting zapped isnt all that much fun. I removed the cord and put it in my scrap pile for later use. Electricity will never flow through this cord again! As for other possible uses? Hmm...only time will tell.
Slip a white piece of paper under the flower like design on the face of the fan, pull it out, and cut a template.
Place template on to cork and trace.
OK, heres a new bff. This finger fitting craft scissors from Fiskars allows you to cut where you actually want to. Its a little like magic.
I have to admit it...this was a little tricky! After you cut the cork its a little bigger than the template. Using a butter knife I carefully guided the cork under the rim of the metal.
A JUNKMARKET green bracelet stands at the ready!
We all have our favorite jewelry that we wear more often than some of our other pieces. Keep them within easy reach on your dressing table on a fan-tabulous organizer.

We all have our favorite jewelry that we wear more often than some of our other pieces. Keep them within easy reach on your dressing table on a fan-tabulous organizer.

I was looking for an easy project and found it when I uncovered this fan in my junk stash. A good project doesn't have to have lots of steps, power tools, a whole host of materials, and tons of time. Sometimes less is more. Remember, it's the thought that counts!

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Comments (14)

RobJ98167 writes: LOL Looks like it would also make a great note center- for those of us who don't have too much bling! Posted: 6:59 pm on March 17th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Brilliant! You know, I wonder...what would it be like to live in the mind of Sue Whitney for a day?

Amy Posted: 11:22 pm on January 31st
shabbychick writes: Sue - what an awesome fan, and a very clever re-use...minus that nasty electrical cord!! :)

Very "cool"!!!

Kathy Posted: 4:48 pm on January 26th
sampan writes: I like prima-gold verymuch because it's very beauty
http://www.prima-gold.fusionthai.net Posted: 5:01 am on January 25th
georgiamoon writes: As I was digging through the tangled mess of chains, hoops and beads this morning I was thinking "Hmmm, I been seeing some pretty creative ways to solve this problem I'm having, maybe I should make something??" So timely as always, another idea to contemplate and this one is so inspiring to me. I know that the fan is one-of-a-kind but you showed me that it doesn't have to be super difficult and can still be cool. I love this project and maybe one day I'll show you mine...let's hope it's soon! Geo Posted: 2:50 pm on January 23rd
suewhitney writes: Hi,

It's actually a craft knife and it is COOL...works like a charm. It's mad by Fiskars and I bought mine at JoAnn Fabrics. Hope you find one!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:10 am on January 23rd
texasjunkermom writes: Pretty FAN-cy! Okay, so where did you find the finger scissors? I've never seen anything like that at a fabric store or craft store, and it looks very handy to use. The fan is a beautiful shape all on its own and now it's useful again. Way to go, Sue! Posted: 11:04 am on January 23rd
MimiToria writes: I am a "fan" of your latest junk project.
What a great display piece you've created. I've never seen a fan such as this though, so it may be hard to duplicate. A one-of-a-kind project you've created.
Gretchen Posted: 10:17 am on January 23rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: The fan is really cool because it's old but the flower shape reminds me of what you see in decor today. Great mix! Love the idea of the jewelry display as well as the ease of this project.

Thanks for the heads up about that cutting tool too.
Candy Posted: 9:49 am on January 23rd
roadtriplouise writes: This is a great jewelry orgnaizer! Unique and vintage!
Ann Posted: 10:37 pm on January 22nd
JunkArchitect writes: That is one great fan enclosure. I’ve never seen anything like it.
It now looks kinda like a vintage Art Nouveau jewelry store display…really cool.
The electrical cord didn’t appear too healthy…looks like it would have burst into flames. Posted: 10:32 pm on January 22nd
fellowjunker writes: Very clever Sue...........I love the design on the front of this fan. Beautiful job!!!
xojanis Posted: 10:11 pm on January 22nd
DownHomeDIY writes: Ths is FANtabulous! I have never seen such a cool face on the front of a fan before. Such a clever use and decorative way to showcase your jewelery. Love it! Posted: 9:36 pm on January 22nd
CottageElements writes: Ok, never would have thunk to do this! This is awesome. You can never, never have enough jewelry holders. I really am a big "fan" of this project! LOL!

Lani Posted: 9:33 pm on January 22nd
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