How-To Make a High Voltage Electrical Glove Lamp

February 25th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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It shines down like light from a-glove.  (Get it?)
It shines down like light from a-glove.  (Get it?)

It shines down like light from a-glove.  (Get it?)

There's a funny story attached to this funky high-fivin' lamp. For the past year or so, I've been carrying these high voltage electrical gloves to home shows as a creativity tool to get people thinking outside the box. Well, when we began shooting on our first ever Junkmarket DVD last summer, the idea hit me on the head like a Newton's Apple! Let's add electricity and let's get Kimberly, the newbie junker, to do it. Ever happy to oblige, she took one of my suggestions and ran with it...

This project was one suggestion I gave, barring one fact: instead of Plaster of Paris, I helpfully suggested spray foam insulation to harden the glove's interior. If any of you rushed home and tried that, you now know that the spray foam doesn't quite set without exposure to oxygen. OOPS! My bad. This one's for all my homies packin' a rubber glove full of spray foam insulation. Tried and tested, that junker's suggestion went limp!

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

One vintage high voltage electrical glove or other groovy old glove
Vintage or new lamp shade
Lamp kit with threaded rod, harp, and cord
Light bulb
Wooden base
Plaster of Paris or casting compound
Dark wood stain
Four vintage bolts
Polyurethane glue

Tool List:


Step 1: Mix casting compound.

Follow the instructions included with the casting compound.

Step 2: Immediately fill glove with casting compound and allow to dry and harden.

Make sure all the digits get completely filled.

Step 3: Using a long drill bit, drill through the glove and casting compound to accommodate threaded lamp rod. Ours was 1/8 IP and ~18" long.

Step 4: Apply stain to wooden base with a brush and allow to dry.

While not necessary for utility, a nice wood stain will greatly improve the look of your finished lamp.

Step 5: Drill a hole in the base to accommodate the lamp cord.

Step 6: Using polyurethane glue, adhere bolts to the four corners of the bottom of the base as feet.

Step 7: Set glove on base and drop lamp cord through threaded rod and base and wire according to package directions.

Step 8: Glue hand to base using polyurethane glue.

Step 9: Add lightbulb and shade.

Tip: If you are uncomfortable with wiring, most hardware stores will do this for you for a nominal fee.

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QueenofGreen writes: I Glove this project! I want to try it with some evening gown vintage gloves that I have. In my sketchbook, I see a circle of upturned gloves holding a lighted orb of some kind in the middle, like a circle of light. Posted: 9:28 am on March 16th
smellikelli writes: How hard is it to drill thru plaster? Posted: 2:49 pm on March 3rd
JunkArchitect writes: Let’s give Sue a big hand for creating this fantastic lamp.

Last hand joke.

Jim Posted: 10:48 pm on February 28th
RobJ98167 writes: I must ask- wouldn't be easier to pot a lamp rod through the glove first, sealing with duct tape, then pour the plaster? Posted: 2:50 am on February 28th
writes: I gotta hand it to you Sue.... ;-)
Fun project!!

JennyK Posted: 11:44 pm on February 27th
DownHomeDIY writes: This is hands down the most creative use for a glove! Loving it!
-MB Posted: 8:58 pm on February 27th
CreepinJen writes: The glove lamp is such a fun idea. I also noticed the dominos bordering the glass on the end table. Very cool.
~ Carrie Posted: 7:13 pm on February 26th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is so great Sue. It looks like the perfect shade topped it off!
Candy Posted: 8:13 am on February 26th
fellowjunker writes: What a great creative project Sue!!! Gosh you are so very inventive!!!
xojanis Posted: 10:07 pm on February 25th
GloveGuru writes: Hi Sue, I couldn't pass on this. Thanks, Joe

Check it out:

Posted: 8:08 pm on February 25th
GloveGuru writes: Sue, I love it! I think I will have to add your post to my Blog. Its a cleaver idea for electrical gloves which become useless (unless re-certified) after 6 months. And, it's better than throwing them in a landfill.

^5, The Glove Guru

P.S. If any of you folks ever need gloves, look us up. Thanks, Joe Posted: 7:32 pm on February 25th
shabbychick writes: Big thumbs up, Sue!!! (oops, can't...darned casting compound...). Very creative - nice job! (That's funny about the spray insulation... :)

Kathy Posted: 4:54 pm on February 25th
suewhitney writes: I'm on it, Christy. Glad to see your posting. I love your stuff!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:27 am on August 24th
csudderth writes: Sue, my sisters and I were at your show in OKC a couple years ago and my sister was the one that was given the glove during that particular show and she (with help from audience) had to come up with as many ideas as possible to use the glove. It's amazing how many ways a glove can be used!

That would be a fun project on this site--you give the picture of an object and everyone sees what they can make with it--posting pics of course!

Christy Posted: 10:23 am on August 24th
Chovey writes: Oooh...I do love this one...hands down!!lol
Now to search for gloves!!
cynthia Posted: 7:41 am on August 22nd
CottageElements writes: Sue, I give you a hand for this project! LOL! You really think out of the box. I'll have to try this one!

Lanette Posted: 9:13 pm on August 21st
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