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January 17th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A wall mounted organizer next to the back door will keep your life running smoothly.
Im always whipping in and whipping out of the house like a whirling tornado so its nice to have a catchall (and I mean all) right by the entrance and exit portal! Its nice to be able to find your car keys without a clapper.
The bare essentials. This very cool and very sturdy gate provides the frame for this organizing tool. 8 - 4 inch floor flanges and 4 - 1 1/2 inch double threaded nipples will allow you to mount the gate to the wall.
Before adding the extras to the gate I gave it a good cleaning with Skidmores Wood Finish. This is an amazing product. The wood looks like new.
Screw a floor flange to each corner of the gate, screw in the nipples, and then cap with the remaing 4 floor flanges.
This type of wall mounting will keep the gate away from the wall allowing you to hang magazines, scarves, etc from the slats on the gate. Not to mention the fact that it looks cool!
I purchased cork squares from Michaels and cut 3 pieces to fit on one side of the gate and adhered each piece to the gate with Gorilla Super Glue.
As a designer, I need my fabric and paint swatches. Pinning them to my organizer reminds me to take them with me as I head out the door for the day.
I found some suction cup hooks in my junk drawer and put them to good use here. I dont trust the suction but I know I can glue with confidence.
Hang keys, scissors, Ipods, cameras, or whatever you need to hang.
Using Gorilla Super Glue, I adhered 2 - 24 inch stainless steel rulers to 2 of the slats on the gate. Oh, organizer now has a magnetic personality!
Magnetic clips and decorative magnets dress up the rulers and provide functionality.
A wall mounted organizer next to the back door will keep your life running smoothly.

A wall mounted organizer next to the back door will keep your life running smoothly.

I'm always looking for good ways to become better organized in my life. Hmmm. I wonder what that says about me? I found this gate months ago and knew then just what I would do with it. I guess I just had to get organized enough to put it together. Ha!

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FauxPasMa writes: And to think of all the cribs I've seen on the side of the road! Now I have a reason to pick one up! Posted: 9:38 pm on September 19th
ItTakesAllKinds writes: I've been saving a side of a crib for something like this! Can't wait to try it! Posted: 7:12 am on January 25th
SnowmanHill writes: I need one of these to hang above my kids coloring/painting/play-doh table. It would be perfect for coloring books, sticker books and painting paper! Love it- Krista Posted: 9:31 pm on January 17th
suewhitney writes: DHDiy,

Hahaha! You make me laugh about the magazine. I thought about it, but it didn't go with the color scheme. Always the art director! Maybe I'll have to re-shoot it. Thanks for the kudos.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:56 am on January 17th
fellowjunker writes: Sue
You never cease to amaze me with your great creative ideas........this is great and I love how you incorporated the rulers to make it magnetic.
xojanis Posted: 9:57 am on January 17th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

Thanks so much to everyone! This can be modified to fit exactly what you need in your home or pace of business. Ahh, the beauty of junk! Nutbird, I'm glad this is a favorite of yours AND I can't wait to see you piano roll project. Jim, I'm happy to hear that this type of project could help clean up your desk. Make sure to let us see your version when you're done. The piano rolls should be in your hot little hands on Monday. Yay! Whiteflower, I'm with you on the fridge thing. When I remodeled I put a glass front model in so I had to look for other alternatives!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:55 am on January 17th
whiteflower writes: Sue, This is a must have for me...I have three kids in school ages 10, 12, & 14 and I have tons of papers on my fridge. I love your idea. Its time for me to get organized & claim my refrigerator back! I will be on the lookout for the supplies to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration. Posted: 8:06 am on January 17th
MimiToria writes: Sue-
This is a fabulous project! Oh, to be more organized. That would be awesome. : ) This is really a creative use of someone elses castoffs and turning it into such a personal and handy project for yourself. Awesome!
Gretchen Posted: 9:55 pm on January 16th
JunkArchitect writes: This would be great in my office. There are drawings everywhere and it’s been two days since I last saw my calculator. I’m going to copy it if you don’t mind. I really like the pipe and flange detail.

Sue, I can’t wait to receive my piano music rolls because I think I have an idea.

Jim Posted: 7:45 pm on January 16th
georgiamoon writes: Sue this is soooo cool. I wish I had one. But I think it would take more than this to get me organized. I love the way you thought of everything that you might need while heading out the door. And the flanges are the neatest...they make it extra cute. This one is a keeper for sure. Love it, Geo Posted: 7:39 pm on January 16th
CottageElements writes: Love the rulers, too! I definately could use something like this. I'm rather disorganized and this would definately help. I also like how you used it for magazines. We could use something like this in our hair salon. I've been looking for a magazine rack for a long time and never found something I liked. I'll have to keep a lookout for a grate like this. Thanks!

Lani Posted: 7:28 pm on January 16th
nutbird writes: Love this! This is my favorite of all the things you've made. I wonder where I can find something similar to make one. Put this in your next book! I'm searching ebay for a piano roll. Posted: 7:10 pm on January 16th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Those floor flanges do make it look cool! I really like your idea to attach the stainless steel rulers. Not only can you use it as a magnetic strip, you'll always have a measuring strip handy too!

Love the organization.
Candy Posted: 6:30 pm on January 16th
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