Giant Fairy Tale Doors

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GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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Salvaged Wood. Design by Linda Choate of Tattered Edge Studios. She completed hers just before mine was done. I fell off my chair when I saw it posted! I  wrote her immediately when I saw it and we shared a laugh! Kindred spirits with similar passions! <3
Photo: Glimpse Imaging - Nicole Zinn

With Garden season upon us this repurpose is a fun one to do with the family.
As always, I am trying to find creative ways to use things heading to the dump. Help save the earth through artistic creation.
This door was created from half of a dining table that had been left outside in a pile of rubbish. The veneer was peeling, the table was cracking.
Now, some may say ... this is too big for fairies. It's a Hobbit door! Or a Gnome Door!

Well, whatever your imagination lets you use it for I say! Let the kids decide! It's a magical door that sits in your garden or woods and makes a GREAT trellice for climbing flowering vines! Keep adding to it, let the kids find treasures and place them around it. It can become a very interactive adventure!

Now for the nitty gritty.
The table was in a state of ill repair. However, to protect it for a while longer, I used some clear silicone and exterior clear coat.
I stained it, engraved some lines on it and painted on some fun accents.
I used an old drawer pull for a handle and added a mirror for a window.
I used an exterior contractors adhesive to secure the mirror and used some clear silicone to close up the edges so water couldn't get in behind the mirror and rot it. It appears white in the photo but dries clear.
I used some floral wire and drilled a few holes in the edge of the table to secure some grape vine to the outer edge. This is what will allow future vines to grow around it. I can't wait to see how it looks in the summer. I'm thinking maybe some morning glories!
I also added some clear silicone to the drill holes after the wires were secured. Again - closing up anywhere that rain water may get in and rot it.
I have included a door that my kindred spirited sister, Linda Choate, created with her family from salvaged wood. Another awesome idea!!!!
Over all,fun creations for the family to do together. I look forward to seeing your DIY's too!

Stop by my Facebook page and upload your creation when you are done!

Visit Lindas creations at Tattered Edge Studio in Illinois

Pattern or design used: My own design - Giant Fairy Tale Doors
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