Christmas Curtains to Make Yourself

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Christmas Curtains to Make Yourself
Snowflake Curtains
Light Curtains

Christmas Curtains to Make Yourself

Christmas Curtains to Make Yourself

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Now that Christmas is almost here you’ll probably have finished putting up most of your decorations. If you’ve got a little spare time why not complete the festive look by making some Christmas curtains? They’re easy to do – just take a look at the following guidelines….

Re-purposed Curtains

Take bold coloured curtains that are already at your windows and dress them up! Use brightly coloured ribbons and bows as tie-backs, or twist garlands or tinsel around the curtain poles. Add green and red rosettes to plain net curtains, and sew a red border around the bottom. This is particularly effective on nets that shape around the window frame. Just get inspired by ​colour combinations and go ahead!

Make the best use of a shower curtain for a quick and easy Christmas theme! Choose a festive pattern, and then just glue ribbon over brightly coloured tape for a no-sew option. Measure them to hang at any window that needs a holiday look. For added effect, attach a garland to the curtain rail and decorate with shimmer spray and baubles.

Snowflake Curtains

With a few basic materials you can make your own snowflake curtains. All you need is a computer and printer for your template designs, scissors, tape and fishing line or twine for hanging. After you’ve printed off your selected templates, cut them out. Try to get a range of sizes to make the finished curtain more interesting. Next, fold the snowflakes along the lines, before cutting out the shaded parts.

Then you’ll need to flatten the snowflakes – the easiest way to do this is by putting them under a heavy book! Once ready you can fix the snowflakes together either with tape, or by hand sewing them with neat stitches. Then you can attach them to the twine or fishing line. It’s helpful to measure the window first so that you get the right length of line. All you need to do then is to hang them up. It’s as easy as that!

Light Curtains

Using lights as a curtain is an original idea that can look stunning. You can choose lights that are low voltage and very safe, yet still give a beautiful display. Colours are magical and can be operated to change and flash as desired. There are string fairy lights, eye-catching silhouettes, and moon and star combinations. Controllers have memory functions to enable you to programme the lights to turn on and off as required.

You can use cup hooks to hang the lights and secure them with tape that’s transparent so won’t show. If you prefer you could put tacks in the window frame and secure the lights this way, make sure you don’t put the tack through the electrical wire! You should begin at the top of the window and work your way down, taping the wire as you go. Use twist ties if any of the lights aren’t hanging flush.

Ready-made Curtains

If you don’t have the time to make your own curtains, you can consider buying readymade ones to hang yourself. There are a host of different styles readily available including glitter snowflake designs with silver and white card banners that dangle silver foil snowflake cut-outs. Or opt for snowflake cascade columns that you hang from the curtain rail. Snowflakes on strings and hanging swirls are also very popular.


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Need to try one or all of your great ideas!

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