I'm done with holiday decorating...

December 17th, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Heres the colander display - inspired by upyourattic!
Its time to start the holiday baking...
Some sweet little paper angels - and pink too!!
And, a grate display under the tree...presents coming soon.
The little pinecone tree is glittered and glued on a glass candlestick. 
Love old ironstone and white pottery - and collections make great holiday displays with just a little holiday added...
Heres the colander display - inspired by upyourattic!

Here's the colander display - inspired by upyourattic!

Well, this is it...now it's time to bake some cookies!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and may all your junking dreams come true next year!!!



Pattern or design used: My own design
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Cocalotta writes:
You gave me the perfect idea of how to display my vintage ornaments! I was lucky I found an old colander and I had some colorful beads that made the arrangement complete.
Got lots of compliments on my arrangement...thanks to YOU.

I also have a collection of clocks. You have yours displayed nicely so I may get another idea from you. Keep up your great work and Happy New Year. Posted: 5:00 pm on December 29th
shabbychick writes: Thanks Sue! And, happy, happy holidays to you!!!

Looking forward to a new year of junking adventures (and maybe add a few more Christmas decorations to my collection along the way...).


Posted: 6:17 pm on December 21st
suewhitney writes: Kathy,

Way to go girl...this is beautiful! I love every thing you have put together.

Happy Holidays,
Sue Posted: 9:37 am on December 21st
shabbychick writes: Thanks so much - you're all so supportive of my Christmas decoration "addiction" - maybe since I'm done at my house, I can go work on the neighbors' houses... LOL (hmmm...maybe a new business for me..."Deck the Halls & More, Inc."!! OK, I haven't even had coffee yet this morning! :)

Patti - this inspiration thing just kind of bounces back and forth - off all of us, doesn't it? Don't ya just love it??

Lani, the branch is cool, isn't it?? Last year I hung ornaments on it, but thought I'd leave it bare this time around...(that's about the only thing I didn't touch!!!) ha ha

Love you all & Merry Christmas


My "colander" is marked - baking on Friday!!! :) Posted: 8:57 am on December 18th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, you have some great things! Love everything, but particularly the clocks and the pottery. That branch is pretty awesome, too!

Lani Posted: 12:53 am on December 18th
crazymomluvsjunk writes: Love the ideas! You always have great things to share! Posted: 10:52 pm on December 17th
upyourattic writes: Great job ~ now you've inspired me to do a display with all of my vintage clocks and another with my collection of white pottery...I was just going to leave all of that alone, but... And I thought, also, that I was done with the decorations for this year! Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!
Patti Posted: 10:18 pm on December 17th
junkermidge writes: Love your displays. The clocks are very cool. And the colorful ornaments in the colander are very festive. And.. Oh, it's all Good!
Midge Posted: 10:15 pm on December 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I love your displays, Kathy. The grate is gorgeous and the ironstone and pottery display is right up my alley!

Now go mark your "colander" to make some cookies! Haha.

Candy Posted: 8:08 pm on December 17th
shabbychick writes: Thanks for the nice comments - I just have way too much fun with all my Christmas "toys" - and there are even a couple boxes I didn't even open (that's just not right, is it??).

I love the little pink angels too - they have such peaceful little faces!

After Christmas, will have to find something else to put in the colander - maybe some pinecones...

Kathy Posted: 7:18 pm on December 17th
fellowjunker writes: You have the most beautiful, unique treasures Kathy!!
xojanis Posted: 5:37 pm on December 17th
MelHow writes: I love the old clocks - what a fun, fun display.

Old colanders are awesome, arent they? Posted: 12:03 pm on December 17th
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