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August 20th, 2014 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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Everthing old is new again!  Sometimes those old projects really are timeless.
It all started with this roll of vintage fencing I purchased several years ago...
....and some insulators.  Insulators can be found for pretty reasonable prices.  I prefer the clear ones, but they also come in brown stoneware and blue glass.
For this project, a bolt cutter is a must if you want to save your hands as the old wire is very thick.  You still may get some scratches so you should use gloves as well as wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt.
Youll also need a needle nose pliers and some wire.  I used rebar wire.
First thing, cut the fencing and bend it into a chandelier shape.  Use the rebar wire to secure it together.
It wont be perfect, but isnt that what we love about vintage?  I also bent the top tines towards the center.
Next attach the insulators to the fencing with the wire.
To add a decorative element, the remaining wire is twisted around a pen.
Hows that look?
Finally to finish it off, I made a hanger with the rebar wire.  You can also use chain if youd rather.
Heres another fun vintage project to add to my back deck!  The insulators can hold candles (thats what I did), flowers or plants.  Again, like in my previous post all I need is a cup of coffee and that good book!
Everthing old is new again!  Sometimes those old projects really are timeless.

Everthing old is new again!  Sometimes those old projects really are timeless.

You already got a sneak peek at this project from Sue.  I made a bunch to bring to Oronoco this year.  Now this is not something new.  Sue originally did it in one of her books, but I had the fencing and the insulators, so thought it was about time I did something with them! 

To see the original JUNKMARKET project, find it in Sue's book Decorating JUNKMARKET Style.

Redesign done by Lanette of Cottage Elements.

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StrangeCargo writes: Lain, the sky is the limit on this gem.... Like you said crystals, flowers, even old small springs, vintage silver cutlery, chain links..... Nice!

Ken Posted: 5:09 pm on August 22nd
tlsprinkle writes: Excellent idea! You mentioned adding crystals, the wires folded over at the top could be bent outward into a swirl and then you could hang them from there. This could also be painted a fun color if you decided to add the metal flowers. It can be personalized in many ways. Thanks for sharing.

~Tammy Posted: 4:40 pm on August 22nd
gadgetsponge writes: Very shabby and cool! Great concept! Posted: 8:02 am on August 22nd
CottageElements writes: Yep! Currently tealights are in the insulators. I'll probably embellish it a little. I thought maybe some crystals hanging from it, or I might add some of my wire flowers to it. Haven't decided yet. I'll just have to see where my creativity takes me ;-) Thanks for the suggestion!!

Lani Posted: 7:38 am on August 21st
MakinItHappen writes: Cute! I assume you put tealights in the insulators, yes? You could also thread some big, glass beads onto the wires that you bent down. Posted: 7:25 pm on August 20th
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