Mirror, Mirror in the Garden

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Mirror in the Garden
Window Frame in the Garden
Mirror in the Garden

Mirror in the Garden

From Trash to Treasure...

Or how to use mirrors in the garden! All you junk junkies would love this one! 

If you have been looking for a way to spruce up your garden and show off your flowers, a mirror in your backyard might just be the cheap and perfect solution for you. By placing a mirror, or two, or three you will reflect back the beauty of your flowers and will create the illusion that you have more flowers than you actually do. This works great, especially if your garden is not as big as you would want it to be. 

For obvious reasons mirrors work perfectly in combination with light. If you have a decorative lighting as a part of your garden décor, you might want to position your mirrors across from the garden lights.

How to choose a mirror? 

Any mirror would do - the older the better. Just make sure it has a vintage, or rustic frame and you are all good!  Get old mirrors from an antique shop, or garage sale. They will create a vintage/rustic atmosphere in your garden. The entire decoration will cost you so little, but will create such a sophisticated feeling, according to professional housekeepers and gardeners.

One more thing you could try is to place old window frames in your garden. They won't reflect light and the beauty of your flowers, but they will create a magical feeling in your garden. See the images below for some ideas and inspiration.

Pattern or design used: By Professional Housekeepers and Gardeners Geelong
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TinTinJunkFan writes: Love these! The mirror reminds me of The Secret Garden... Posted: 9:10 am on June 25th
georgiamoon writes: Nice. Very nice!
Posted: 5:51 pm on June 18th
gadgetsponge writes: Fantastic idea. Gives a new perspective on a solid wall for sure. Posted: 8:06 am on June 16th
MakinItHappen writes: Wow, that ornate mirror is a knockout! I have one (not that cool, but nice) that I could maybe use that way. Hmmm... Posted: 8:46 am on June 9th
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