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Birdcage container
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DIY herb planter
Wall-mounted pots
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Birdcage container

Birdcage container

     If you live in a flat, you probably don't have much space for plants and pots. If you have a balcony in your flat, though, that is something different. You can totally change the appearance of your small terrace by installing a dozen of potted plants on it. And do you know what is the best part of balcony container gardening? Your small garden design depends entirely on your imagination, but no matter what plants you start growing, your amenity will always look alluring. Gardens always look beautiful when they are full of plants.

Let me give you a few interesting ideas, which will break the casualty in your balcony container garden:

A Birdcage Container

Birdcages are pretty boring, in my opinion, but when you use them as containers they become colourful and interesting. You have to hang them on the ceiling, though, in order to use their full glory. I personally recommend that you plant a few different types of plants in your birdcage, but mind that they all have to like the same growing conditions. It will be very beautiful if you choose a hanging floral specimen, and may be a few succulents. You can even plant a climber and show it the way up on the birdcage.

Tropical Plants and Trees

A lot of people are afraid to grow tropical plants in London, because of the weather. Well, your tropical tree or palm doesn't necessarily have to stay outside when the weather is bad. It is true that a lemon tree, an avocado tree or a palm need more cares than the rest of the London-weather-loving plants, but it is worth the effort. It is amazing to lay on a sunbed on your balcony, to have palm leaves over your head and to sip an exotic cocktail - the perfect relaxation after a long and stressful day at work. So, don't be afraid that you will kill your lemon tree or tangerine, but plant one and take good cares of it. Plus, if you manage to grow a healthy tree, you will always have fresh citrus juice for your cocktails.

DIY Commode Planter

I bet that everyone of you has one old commode that is just taking place in their property. How about taking it out on the balcony and turning it's drawers into planters. Take them out, put a piece of cardboard on the bottom, and fill them up with soil. Put the drawers back on their place but don't close them. Leave the open and plant herbs in them. Even if your balcony is in shade, herbs will grow nicely on it. Mint, parsley, chivey, cilantro, golden oregano, thyme, anise and lots of other types of herbs will make your balcony garden more aromatic. You will always have fresh herbs for your meals and cocktails, too. It is absolutely amazing. And if you want to make things even better, you can nail a few more drawers on top of the commode, in order to expand the planting space. If you have enough time and motivation, I even recommend that you paint or lacquer your commode planter.

Wall-mounted Pots

Wall-mounted containers are another good idea for balcony container gardening. By hanging your pots on the wall, you will save some space and will still green your balcony. I recommend that you plant blooming plants and hangers, if you decide to mount your containers on the wall. Your property will start looking very colourful and beautiful.

Recycling Ideas

Whatever old utensils, watering cans, boxes, commodes, old tree trunks and other useless items you have at home, remember that you can turn them into planters. Fill them up with soil and choose the most appropriate floral species for them. Do a research prior to planting, in order to learn more about the origin of the plants and the conditions they like. It is very important to consider the shade, sun exposure, wind, humidity when creating a balcony container garden. You should also mind that in the cold season you will have to take almost all plants inside your home to protect them from freezing. So be smart when choosing your plants and don't grow anything you can't take inside. If you are not confident enough about your gardening knowledge and skills, consult with some professional gardening expert in your area. He/she will tell you what and how to plant. Good luck and maintain your green space regularly to keep it fresh, beautiful and tidy.

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DeDee writes: I love the birdcage container - great idea for a succulent planter. Posted: 5:34 am on July 18th
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TinTinJunkFan writes: Some really great ideas, love the bird cage. Posted: 8:37 am on May 22nd
gadgetsponge writes: Using the old blue vanity was a perfect idea! Posted: 7:59 am on May 18th
AllisonTaylor writes: Thank you, girls :) Posted: 10:04 pm on May 13th
PlentyPlace writes: Gorgeous...every last one! Terrific ideas. Posted: 2:50 pm on May 13th
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