Piano Pantry

January 29th, 2014 in member junk     
GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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as a pantry
as a bar
open and close the key tray for use or storage.
You can sort of see here I used more left over Lath to build the wine glass holder.
as a pantry

as a pantry

There are so many awesome little components involved in these. It all depends on your attention to detail. I try and visualize actually using it to figure out what it is missing and what needs to be added. Depending on it's use - there are quite a few options, however when creating for no reason what so ever - I try to add as much basic functionality as I can then offer further customizable ideas upon purchase. It sees to work lovely!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Piano Pantry
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JillinAZ writes: I LOVE this idea! My favorite feature is the keyboard area used for utensils. Congrats. This is so fun to see. Posted: 9:58 am on January 13th
Loftyideas4u writes: Love it! I'm a pianist and anytime a see that a piano has been saved from the landfill, It makes me smile. I love what you've done here and the shabby modern twist. Awesome job! Posted: 3:31 pm on October 30th
BillyJo writes: Such a unique talent. Billyjo Posted: 3:52 pm on April 11th
GypsyBarn writes: Hey THANKS! I did save the keys! I just need to think up something funky to do with them. A lot of them are missing the white cover so, it's a doozy. I'm sure I will come up with something. Everything I take out usually ends up becoming something. I will have to hunt up some old photos of other pieces I have done with the innards in the past lol! Posted: 6:38 am on February 5th
JunkArchitect writes: WoW! You are the best when it comes to repurposing pianos.

Posted: 10:34 am on February 4th
PlentyPlace writes: Wow. This is just too cool. Was it really difficult to remove the keys? Did you save them for another project? Posted: 5:54 am on February 4th
MacNTrash writes: Beautiful Job. I am sure an incredible amount of time went into creating this piece but you will be rewarded for years to come. Congrats.
Posted: 12:14 pm on January 30th
shabbychick writes: I love the different uses you've shown for an old piano... You've done a beautiful job!

Thanks for sharing and happy junking!

Kathy Posted: 7:34 pm on January 29th
gadgetsponge writes: Always leave it to Jasmin to take things to the next level. So glad to have met her here on JMS along with all you other great friends, junkers and creatives. Go Jasmin! Posted: 7:13 pm on January 29th
suewhitney writes: Hi There Everyone!!

I am continuing on with introductions and re-introductions of contributors and editors here at JMS...and I love this girl...Jasmin Marisett of Gypsy Barn! She has big ideas, uses big tools, and always has something funny to say. What a great combination. She's not afraid to share the stories behind her amazing creations and always gives us a little sneak peek into her life I love that and the fact that I have her as my "crazy" friend!!!! Welcome back, Miss Jasmin. So glad to have you here! This project is AWESOME!

Be Well

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http://www.gypsybarn.com Posted: 7:47 am on January 29th
georgiamoon writes: What a fabulous idea!! These old pianos are so cool but unless you take them apart for pieces there is not much you can do with them...until now. Great job, it looks great!
Georgia Posted: 6:59 am on January 29th
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