She Got Wheels. And She Knows How to Use Them...

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ButterBeansAntiques Amy Nolfo & Brad Bingley, contributor
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The finished product... A fusion of past elements and present style. 
Maple top, poly sealed antique iron axle & planter wheel base... Built for generations to come.
Scouring the junkyard for pieces, parts and inspiration we dragged home these century old, iron Planter Wheels. The pair is 29 high, we knew their scale and patina would come in handy, Someday. We had them in our stash for over a year waiting for the right project. When the call came from a client for a custom dining table with a one of a kind base & a farm style look... We knew exactly what to do!
Loading up the completed iron base from our welder. And yes... She was a little on the heavy side. And yes, there are days our backs ask if we can please become vintage hankie dealers.

Ready to roll... Headed home to be fitted with Brads custom maple top and for a triple coat of poly over all that yummy rust (this preserves the patina and makes the base easy to clean for our client.)
Prior to staining, the maple top was securely mounted to the iron base. 
The finished product... A fusion of past elements and present style. 

The finished product... A fusion of past elements and present style. 

Photo: Amy Nolfo & Bradley Bingley

We are often asked by clients and fellow dealers what the "current" trend is and "what's selling". Right now the answer is easy... Unique, "the neighbor doesn't have one" kind of pieces. More than ever our clients are seeking one of a kind furnishings, especially those handmade from a fusion of vintage & antique elements. This 2 wheeled beauty speaks to the new aesthetic of "rustic lux" & "down home chic". Our clients' request was a simple one... She asked us to design a 5' square dining table, 31" tall, that was one of a kind. She desired a maple top and a unique base, preferably iron or other metal, repurposed farm items. Thankfully, we have quite the stash here at the workshop (we are generally one mason jar short of qualifying for an episde of Hoarders).

A 100+ year old pair of iron planter wheels were screaming to become a table base. The perfect height and the BEST, crunchy, rusty patina EVER! This was a team effort. Our welder constructed the base as per our design plan and Bradley created the top from salvaged maple, planed to a virgin surface. The end result is one we will never forget. Best of all, When we think of our client and all the family dinners, late night conversations, card games and family news that will be shared around this one af a kind table, we can't help but smile. 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Amy Nolfo & Brad Bingley
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ClassicJunque writes: Brad and Amy!!

You people rock! So does your welder for putting something like this in a simple but effective manner. You know this piece isn't going to be be easily bumped around when it took a fork lift to get it up on your truck! Being a back-injured patient myself, I have been warned to "get out of furniture, stick with smalls" At least I now have your picture to show folks and contend: It might be worse on the back,look at this! Truly fine work folks. Hope to see much more!!

Classic Junque
Minnesota Posted: 8:25 pm on February 11th
PlentyPlace writes: What creativity! I just love "great bones" used in unexpected ways. This piece would be welcome in my home. Nicely done! Posted: 11:52 am on January 27th
suziart writes: Welcome...! Can't wait to see more of your creations. I would love to have this table in my art studio! Lucky client!


Posted: 5:10 pm on January 18th
JunkArchitect writes: Welcome Amy and Brad! That is one AMAZING table and your client must have gone NuTs over it. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of your creations.

Posted: 10:22 am on January 16th
shabbychick writes: Welcome to JMS Amy & Brad! It's a wonderful community - sharing and creative, and entertaining (with Miss Sue as the "ringleader", there's never a dull moment and/or post!!)

The table is fabulous, and will definitely last a lifetime.

Your story sounds like a match made in junk heaven, and can't wait to see your future projects.

Junk hugs from Ohio!


P.S. And I know exactly what you mean about "vintage hankies", or maybe buttons, or... Nah - that's too easy, right? :) Posted: 11:06 am on January 15th
ButterBeansAntiques writes: Wowza! Thank you for all the Love!!! We are so excited to be a part of this community. This one was truly a labor of love and an exciting piece to see come to life. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. We Love seeing all of your creations on JMS and we are excited to share our work with a group of such amazingly talented, creative people. It's an honor to be here! Somebody "pinch" me!!! Yay! Posted: 9:19 am on January 15th
chippingcharm writes: A-mazing table!! Welcome Amy and Brad...can't wait to see what else you have to share here :) Laurel Posted: 9:09 am on January 15th
Junkpony writes: Welcome Amy & Brad! I'm drooling over the table, love it. Can't wait to see more of your creations... Posted: 7:55 am on January 15th
GypsyBarn writes: Holy SHMOLY! Super amazing! I think I am going to be head over heels in love with these creations for sure! Welcome!
Posted: 7:34 am on January 15th
georgiamoon writes: Well let's see...first of all, WELCOME to the family, I know you will be an awesome pair to watch and get to know. Secondly. I love the story, it just makes you believe that dreams do come true. I've come close and I'm still dreaming. AND last but not in any way the least is the TABLE!!! Dang but that is cool! WOW what a great way to be introduced. I can't wait to see what else you guys will put together!!
Georgia Posted: 6:59 am on January 15th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Oh. My. Stars. I am in awe. I love, love, love the table! And the fairy tale bio tugs at my heart. Keep living your dream -- you are very good at it!! ~Marge Posted: 6:44 am on January 15th
suewhitney writes: Hey Everybody!

It is with great pleasure indeed that I introduce you to the newest contributor team here at JMS....Amy Nolfo & Brad Bingley. These two "cool beans" are awesome in so many ways. They are talented, smart, funny, witty, kind, and just all all around good peeps! I'm sure that you will enjoy them as much as I do. I'm including their profile on this comment. It's well worth the read. Please give Amy and Brad a great big JMS WELCOME!!!! Thanks so much you two...very honored to have you on board!

Heres an idea... Go to college. In fact dont just go to college, go to college, then keep going to college and get an MBA. Buy some fabulous grey suits. Work for corporate America or better yet, go live in Switzerland and work for an international corporation for a few years then come back to the states and work for corporate America in your fabulous grey suit. Dread every minute of it. Loathe waking up each morning. All you really want to do is fix things. Build things. Build things out of wood and metal. Build with your hands just like you did as early as the age of 5 in your Fathers' workshop. From an early age you had a hammer or saw in hand, helping to build everything from a cottage porch to a bucolic farmhouse to an ocean going sailboat. You long to share the ideal of being an entrepreneur and making it under your own steam with your 3 beloved children. But making a living, doing what you love is just a dream for now. So you keep slaving away for corporate America and the grey suit world.

Meanwhile... 5 hours a way, a crazy girl Mr. "Here's an idea" (whom you just met above) knew back in college has been building an interior design & antiques/vintage home furnishings business for the last 20 years. She has been in love with the creative process all her life, the Daughter of an artist, you could say the creativity is in her blood. Her first collection consisted of a cigar box her Uncle gave her when she was 5 years old which she promptly filled with small, rusty tractor parts from her Fathers' shop. She now sells antiques & vintage furnishings as well as original assemblage art pieces she creates in her home studio. She too had once sold her soul to corporate America, but she had finally escaped. In the midst of it all she found time to write a childrens' book and adopt two, bouncing baby boys. She was running her business full time but wanting to take a fresh approach. Looking for a partner with the skills to build the designs in her heart and in her head. Furnishings built from salvage. She had a dream of a business centered around re-purposing, re-cycling & re-designing pieces and parts of the past into functional, beautiful furnishings for her Patrons' homes. She couldnt do it alone.

Youre not going to believe this BUT... Mr."Here's an idea" and Ms. "Meanwhile 5 hours away" reconnected in 2008 after 20 years apart through a group of college friends who were chatting on Facebook. They both happened to be at a turning point in their lives. He wanted to leave corporate America behind and build with his hands. She wanted to bring a new purpose to her business. Next thing you know these two, crazy, college friends... Now in their 40s, joined forces, got married, moved to the country and together with their 5 Hobbits (aka - children) are co-creating the world they once only dreamt of. A world where junk is transformed & given new life. From roadside finds to salvaged lumber, thrift store treasures, barn sale antiques, pieces and parts... they are all welcomed in their world.

Now that you have the short version of this adventure please allow us to introduce ourselves... We are the Husband & Wife team of Bradley Bingley & Amy Nolfo. Brads Business, The Tao of Restoration specializes in custom, built from salvage home furnishings and retail displays. Amys business specializes in vintage and antique furnishings for cottage, home & garden, her handmade assemblage art pieces as well as showcasing Brads handmade from vintage salvage furniture. Together we design, build and create pieces with a past. Corporate America is now a distant memory. We are on the frontlines of the handmade revolution happening here in America and we are humbled to have our work be a part of this growing movement. The truth is we love what we do and we are passionate about our work. You can catch us live and in person at many shows around the Midwest and beginning Summer 2014 you can visit our barn gallery & workshop here in Michigan. To keep up with our travels, discuss custom projects, see current inventory, show schedules & barn events please visit our websites...

Brad -
Amy -

We are honored and humbled by the opportunity to be Contributors to the JunkMarket Style community. A place where creative, like minded individuals share ideas, projects, trends, style & design. We look forward to sharing with you!

Brad & Amy
my personal website: Posted: 5:14 am on January 15th
gadgetsponge writes: You nailed it Amy & Brad! I bet the customer was floored. Posted: 4:33 am on January 15th
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