A Royal Ruby Red Christmas

December 6th, 2018 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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The Royal Ruby Reds mixed with clear glass, simple white dishes, and vintage silver trays as chargers sets the scene.
Im not a big fan of these generally, but in this case I love these heavily starched crocheted star tree ornaments....so many different uses on a dinner table
You can use them as embellishments in your place settings. I love how they softly break the reds.
Ok, so Im sure that many of you are wondering about the chopsticks, Cant say as I blame you....but I have never been known for cooking traditional meals during the holidays. Does this shock anyone? Just saying Im not a fan of turkey or ham! I found these chopsticks at a thrift store and have been wanting to use them in a holiday setting...the ruby reds provided the opportunity! Looks like Asian cuisine this year for Christmas. I wonder how that will work with one tradition I wont give up when it comes to food..my Dads Swedish meatballs. What the hey...dont knock it til you try it! OOpsie daisies..almost forgot to tell you the details. Wrap with JUNKMARKET green ribbon and slap on a broken crystal. Poof...you my friends are done!
The snowflakes also make lovely little napkin holders. Ill show the how to on these in a separate post.
Anothrer little detail. A vintage bottle stopper on the plate. Simple, I know...but adds a touch of class and of course, a little attention to detail.
Repeat in design is always good. The snowflakes on the plates carry over to the candle holder...a silver plated campagne glass with a battery operated tea light and and my ever favorite watersoftener salt. I love the way it reflects the light.
A romantic table for two or the whole family...you choose! If you dont have enough ruby reds for the whole family dont be afraid to mix and match.
Burned out night light bulbs and greens add an interesting touch. The cups are meant to be removed from the plates to create the centerpiece during dinner.
Someone on FB asked me if the bulbs really lit up. The short annswer is no, but I buried a tiny little battery operated votive candle so it would appear that they did light up. 
Welcome to sushi with Sue!
The Royal Ruby Reds mixed with clear glass, simple white dishes, and vintage silver trays as chargers sets the scene.

The Royal Ruby Reds mixed with clear glass, simple white dishes, and vintage silver trays as chargers sets the scene.

Photo: Sue Whitney

My color choice for the holiday season this year is red, white, silver with just a touch of JUNKMARKET green. JUNKMARKET green always seems to make into the color scheme. Imagine that! The style I'm trending is a little bit modern and a little bit frilly. The combination seems to work! The Royal Ruby Red dinnerware (production began in 1938) is a great choice for this festive yet refined Christmas look.

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Comments (4)

shabbychick writes: Love the ruby red! Very festive, and I would expect nothing less than a very creative menu from you, my friend!

Happy holidays!

Kathy Posted: 7:02 pm on November 24th
MichL writes: Love it with the embellished chopsticks and the lace! Posted: 6:30 am on November 24th
suewhitney writes: You're so cute, Georgia. I love you and I miss you. Hope you are happy and well.

Love ya,
Me Posted: 7:17 pm on November 23rd
georgiamoon writes: OMG this is so BEAUTIFUL!!! What a treat it would be for anyone to walk in and see a table set like this. I have sold so many sets of Ruby dishes...wish I had kept one for myself. You outdo yourself every holiday, it is amazing!

Happy Holidays my friend,
Georgia Posted: 3:27 pm on November 23rd
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