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February 28th, 2013 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A newsprint wrap and stuff and smell be gone. Woo hoo! Notice I even used newsprint from The Journal. Thats so I could remember what was hiding inside.
Beautiful old ledgers/journals or any vintage book of your choosing can smell fresh again by following this simple tip....the newsprint wrap and stuff!!! Its kind of like the bend and snap only different. Lets see how many of you can come with the movie that came from...
First of all...I want you to take a look at why I love thes. The covers are stunning and simply beautiful added to your decor just the way they are...without the stench that is!
Handwritten notes on the front cover lend a little more interest and history to the journal.
The inside cover of course indicate where I will be able to find a dupliucate of this book. Something tells me I will have no luck finding such a duplicate. 
The alphabet tabs are aged to perfestion. Hmmm...looks like they are missing the As. Oh well...just another perfect imperfection.
Now for the tip...guess I have made you wait long enough. Ah,hahaha! Tuck newsprint inside random pages in the book.
Then go ahead and wrap the book up completely with more newsprint tucking into pages inside the book.
Wrap the books all up together tightly with currugated cardboard and twine. They might as well look attractive while the are being de-smellified. This way you can keep them out in the open as not to forget about them.
I found the pages of this journal very interesting. There are absolutely no entries. This must of been owned by a true creative because there are no records of monies owed or due. I truly understand this person and will treasure this book forever.
And lookie what I found while looking through the journal...four leaf clovers! This book is from 1915, thats pretty darn awesome. It is indeed my lucky day
A newsprint wrap and stuff and smell be gone. Woo hoo! Notice I even used newsprint from The Journal. Thats so I could remember what was hiding inside.

A newsprint wrap and stuff and smell be gone. Woo hoo! Notice I even used newsprint from The Journal. That's so I could remember what was hiding inside.


I love old things, but I don't like the smell that sometimes comes with them. Books are a favorite of mine, but I have left them behind many times because, well quite frankly they stink and I never knew how to solve that problem. Janelle of Pfarkel sister fame gave me this tip and guess what??? It works! I'm a happy girl so I will go right ahead and do my happy dance.

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JustPeachy1955 writes: ceder wood either in blocks, shavings or "tow" for items like old trunks, things you'd close up.. even put old books in something like .. ice chests ...with ceder and the ceder absorbs the smell too. Crumpled up b/w newspaper sprinkled with a little ( very little ) water and sealed in plastic tubs, left in the sun or a sunny area for a day or 2 gets them odor free again. Posted: 8:49 pm on May 3rd
GypsyBarn writes: Bend and SNAP! LEGALLY BLONDE! WOOO!
Ok, this is a fabulous tip! Now, if it would work on old trunks, that would be divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do have a wedding coming up that wants old books everywhere for decor - so I will have to try this out!!! Thanks for the tip Sue! And Pfarkle Sisters!!!! Posted: 7:24 am on March 25th
CottageElements writes: Okay, I may just have to keep those ledgers. You made them look soooooo good! And smell good, too :-)

Lani Posted: 4:18 pm on March 6th
JunkArchitect writes: I gotta try this. I have tons of really old books that STANK like crazy. Plus, you made it look so purdy, Suzi-Q.


Posted: 1:09 am on March 3rd
TinTinJunkFan writes: These are some great books and love your tip to make them pretty while airing them out in the open. Yes, Legally Blonde...and wasn't her name Paulette, the queen of bend and snap! Posted: 1:23 pm on March 1st
MagiaMia writes: Great looking ledgers! Yes, this tip really does work. Learned that one from Kovels. Apparently there's also a freezer method, though I've not tried it yet.

P.S. Legally Blonde......:) Posted: 7:59 pm on February 28th
NDJunkGirl writes: I'm so excited to see your post - I've got a box of really cool books sitting in my garage...yep, garage...they really STINK. So glad I kept them, and so glad you shared this stink-rid solution! Woohoo!

-Andrea Posted: 11:58 am on February 28th
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