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PHOTO 1: Group photo of new junk found over a few weeks in June - Antique desk with cubbies and drawers, window planter box with attached hanging hardware, 8 matching green vinyl shutters, double shaded floor lamp, revolving cd/dvd holder, wreath floor stand with antique grate base, wooden twin headboard, dutch/german hand painted house sign - all for under $50!

PHOTO 2: Vintage garden gate. I spied it from the garage sale leaning up against the back patio wall, unused, and asked if I could buy it for $10. Answer was - YES! :) Oh, happy day!

PHOTO 3: Stopped along the road where it looked like someone was getting ready for a yard sale and had unsuccessfully tried covering up things with tarps to keep the rain off, and asked to look around. The owner let me, and I found this antique rocker, wanting to go home with me. It had peeling paint and had 3 or 4 layers of leather seats cut off over the years. I asked if I could rescue it and turn it into a treasure for $10, and the owner giggled and said, "maam, if you can turn that into a treasure, you can have it for $10." Another happy day!

PHOTO 4: The orange metal folding table found at a Goodwill outlet store. $0.40 bought this baby, as at the outlet store, household items are 40 cents (at least this one was). Incredible table to paint on - no harm can be done! The orange makes me smile too.

PHOTO 5: Wicker baby hamper painted white cost me $2 at a garage sale. Nothing wrong with it, and it doesn't even have a musty odor. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I don't want to turn it into a planter.

Had a ton of fun collecting these items, and I can't wait to get going on projects to create special treasures from all this junk! I love this part - the creativity, after the gathering, and then the completion, the saisfaction of it all. It's like life to me in many ways.


Pattern or design used: My own design
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annebell writes: You found some great stuff! I love that hamper and the gate. Posted: 10:27 am on July 14th
jtjondawg writes: Love the gardn gate it's awesome. Posted: 1:32 am on July 10th
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