Our Day-after-Thanksgiving show!

December 1st, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Ready for the BIG show!!!
These little skates were in need of a bit of chic...so we added a little fur, a wonderful new color, and a touch of snow on the blades...they skated right out of our booth!!!
Heres another view. 
The antique baby crib in the front was transformed into a wonderful display piece - two glass shelves cut to fit - and so many decorating possibilities...  (we bought it this way - isnt it a great idea??)
And I know you guys love the great aluminum letters on the floor...came off an old school building.
Here are a few of our vintage magnet boards.  Sheet metal mounted into old picture frames.  We glued grandmas earrings on magnets to hold important stuff in place!
And what home is complete without a chippy pink potty planter??? (say that four times fast...ha ha) I just love this, and its the original color!
Ready for the BIG show!!!

Ready for the BIG show!!!

Here's a glimpse of our "traveling shop" at the Scott Antique Market - held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus this past weekend.  It was a huge success and we filled our little "cashier" drawer up with lots of $$$. 

Now we're looking forward to our first "occasional" sale at our workshop this Saturday (I'm hoping it catches on in Ohio like your occasional sales in Minnesota - could be the first one in the Buckeye State???) 

P.S.  We had so much stuff "stuffed" in our booth - will have to share in another post...stay tuned! :)



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shabbychick writes: Thanks for all your comments. This is what we love to do - and we always go overboard...but, everyone loves walking in our "shop". And to see it all, you really need to go thru a couple times (great marketing strategy, right?? LOL)

We're hoping our occasional sale goes well - we've advertised in the newspaper and sent out invitations, and also bribing people with refreshments (hot chocolate and cookies - yum)... It's starting out small - but we will have both sections of our garage/workshop completely full and a little bit outside - maybe we'll expand out in the parking lot in the summer...and invite a couple more people to join in as vendors - oh, heck - maybe we'll just block the street and have a street market!! Just dreaming "out loud"! :)


P.S. I love the little pink "port-a-potty" too!! :) Posted: 9:53 am on December 2nd
piecesofthepast writes: I make those magnets and have them all over my fridge and at my office...they always seem to bring a smile when people see them! Love the pink skates...very..Pepto Bismol! Posted: 8:52 pm on December 1st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Of course you did well! You had some awesome stuff! And your booth is displayed so nice!

I really like the magnet boards with magnets. I bought one years ago on clearance but have always wanted to try to make my own.

Congrats on the great sale!

Candy Posted: 7:35 pm on December 1st
fellowjunker writes: Kathy
Your booth looks amazing. Just beautiful!!!!!
xojanis Posted: 7:19 pm on December 1st
suewhitney writes: Whoa ski doodles this looks awesome. Those skates just tickle me pink!

Be well,
Sue Posted: 7:06 pm on December 1st
junkermidge writes: Your stuff looks great! Congratulations on a successful sale.
Midge Posted: 5:44 pm on December 1st
Meadowview_Farm writes: Such a fun booth - great job - and, of course you were successful....look at all the time & energy & joy you put into this!!
Kari Posted: 4:59 pm on December 1st
CottageElements writes: Kathy, occasional sales are such a great thing (but lots of work). I'm sure once they get a taste, they'll want more! Glad your doing well and having fun. Loved the pink skates, too. You'll have to make more!

Lani Posted: 3:23 pm on December 1st
LuAnn writes: What a great booth. I especially liked the "potty chair". Glad you had a good sale. Wish the "occasional" sales would wonder up north here to Michigan. Would be great to attend during these long winter months for those who need a "fix".

LuAnn Posted: 3:18 pm on December 1st
shabbychick writes: Thanks ladies!!

Gretchen - We had a blast and it's always fun meeting new customers (and of course making some $$$). These are our first magnet boards - so simple, and you're right - everyone needs a chalkboard or magnet board! Didn't even think about the A&F...can you tell my daughter's been out of the house a few years?? :)

The pink skates could have probably sold a few times...so will keep checking the thrift stores for more!


Posted: 2:42 pm on December 1st
KimberlyMelamed writes: Kathy,

Your booth looked amazing! A pink pottie planter, and pink skates, and I just love the crib display rack! I can see why you did well- Great Job! Wowie!

Kimberly Posted: 2:13 pm on December 1st
MimiToria writes: Glad you guys did so well. It is always so much more fun when your adding $$$ to your cash stash. Love the aluminum letters. The chalkboard frames and grandma earring magnets are staples at the MN occassional sales and continue to sell year after year. Everyone needs a chalkboard or magnet board as well as the magnets to attach stuff with, so I think it is just one of those things that will always be hot. There are new people getting educated about the whole occasional sale deal all the time and this is so useful.
Cute potty chair/plant holder too. So shabby pink.

Love, love the letters on the floor. There should of been an Abercrombie & Fitch person at your sale for the A & F letters. Ha! Can you tell I have a teenager in the house?
Gretchen Posted: 2:13 pm on December 1st
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