Shimmer Me Timbers

January 1st, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A naked metal lamp shade all dressed up in a full set of crystals is the bell of the bathroom ball. Yes, indeed my junking friends this puts the spa in sparkle. I just love when words work in my favor!
I actually came up with this idea after I was told by my contractor that it wasnt exactly code to have an electrical fixture over the tub. Hmmm..the flicker of the flame came to my rescue.
A floor grate to a candelabra is like a canopy to a light fixture. The rusty chain? Its a given!
The ankle bones connected to the shin bone. I hope thats right because I dont know my anatomy half as well as I know my junk. Mix and match is the name of the junking game. When looking for stuff in the rough to connect the dots, look no further than your treasure trove of a tool chest. It may just produce some pretty incredible stuff.
A closer view of the double hookamajig that just happens to work marvelously to connect to the other thing that connects to the chain. Ha! The funny thing is...I know all of you understand exactly what Im talking about.
Whats inside door #1? Holding the candle is a piece from an outdoor plant holder. You know, the kind with about 8 arms similar to that of an octopus. How many times have you come across one of these at a flea market?
Drill three little holes evenly spaced around the edge of the little ruffly number and wire it with some 18 gauge wire and hook to the lamp shade. Poof, youre done!
The candle balances nicely inside allowing you to relax and enjoy.
Oops, ran out of crystals for the final row! No worries. We all know Rome wasnt completed in a day. Projects like this should be viewed as fun in the making. If you dont have enough crystals to cover the entire shade hang the ones you do have in intersting patterns on the shade. As you accumulate more change up the pattern. Before you know it the project will be complete!
A naked metal lamp shade all dressed up in a full set of crystals is the bell of the bathroom ball. Yes, indeed my junking friends this puts the spa in sparkle. I just love when words work in my favor!

A naked metal lamp shade all dressed up in a full set of crystals is the bell of the bathroom ball. Yes, indeed my junking friends this puts the spa in sparkle. I just love when words work in my favor!

Okay, seriously who doesn't dream of a little time away by themselves to reflect and float. I for one say I do to tub time. It's the one place to truly get away without going on vacation. To make the warm water sparkle, create a candelabra ala vintage crystals.

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Comments (20)

Lovingmylife writes: SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I love it! It inspires me to redo my bathroom! Posted: 8:55 pm on January 16th
RustyDiva writes: Love love love this!!!!! Glad it was re-posted so I could drool over it. Perfect marriage of pieces.

Kenda Posted: 10:42 am on January 4th
roadtriplouise writes: This is awesome Sue, love the rustic with crystals.
Ann Posted: 7:29 pm on January 3rd
lakelover69 writes: Sue, I love this Candolier! Since I've been making quite a few of them myself. Just a note though, my husband is an electrician (for over 30 yrs) and it is NOT against code to hang an electric chandolier over a tub! There's a light in your shower...right? Posted: 8:21 am on January 2nd
Cocalotta writes:
I love everything about this beautiful chandelier!!!
That includes your awesome write-up about it.
I always tell my friends that soothing in the tub is
like taking "nerve medicine". This would be like taking
a double dose of medicine. ha Thanks for sharing and
I'll continue to see what brilliant ideas you come up with. Posted: 10:37 pm on January 1st
chippingcharm writes: Yep, I missed this post too but I was lucky enough to see it in person at Sue's b-day get-together. Now that I see it next to mine I realize it probably had something to do with the inspiration for the dangling crystals in my little creation in the previous post. Thanks again Sue...and many blessings in the New Year. Can't wait to see what you've got cookin' up next! Laurel Posted: 9:31 pm on January 1st
monakent writes: This is one COOOOOOL light fixture!!! I feel at peace and relaxed just looking at it. My house is way too small for something like this, but I can dream can't I??? Who knows, maybe someday I too will have an amazing fixture like this in my house. gailmarie Posted: 5:28 pm on January 1st
DownHomeDIY writes: Seriously, Sue never ceases to amaze me. Are you all with me on that one? Scratch that. I already know the answer to that.

One of my favorite Sue Show Stoppers was this "Shimmer me Timbers" Project. This is actually what introduced me to JunkMarket Style. I was googling unique light fixtures for a client and stumbled upon this post. It was an older post, so much to my delight, there were many, many more where that came from.

As I clicked on "Shimmer Me Timbers" my discovery went something like this:

"Well, blow me down! This is the coolest creation I have ever seen. And what? What's that you say? It's made of junk? You gotta be kidding me! So, who is this little Miss Sue Who anyway?" And thus my addiction to JunkMarketStyle was born! Hello, my name is Marybeth and I am addicted to JunkMarketStyle.

This project really caught my eye. I loved the crystals and how they just sparkled with the candlelight. It totally screams upscale spa to me. And, I especially loved how she paired it with a rusty chain and floor grate. Clearly a perfect marriage. What? No! Crystals, rusty chain and grates the perfect marriage? Seriously? OK, so when Sue does it, it seems so obvious and makes just perfect sense. And yes, it is the perfect marriage but I never would have thought of that! Man, how does she come up with these things?

Not only does Sue come up with insanely unique projects, but her play by play commenting is hilarious- I repeat, hilarious! She talks about hookamajigs, ruffly numbers and such which all just make me laugh out loud. I look forward to viewing her posts as much as reading them.

So, little Miss Sue Who, there is just no stopping you in all your creativity and for that we are grateful. And please keep up the shimmy shimmy cocoa pop commentating.

Hats off to you Sue!

Happy Days,


Posted: 12:38 pm on December 19th
StrangeCargo writes: Wonderful project! I love anything that is illuminated by candle, and yours is a knock out! Of course, the ceiling grate,rusty chain, and related hardware takes it over the top.

Thanks for a great website.

Ken Posted: 8:38 am on January 11th
JunkMama1 writes: I absolutely LOVE this piece! Posted: 10:06 pm on November 28th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: I have "Junk Envy"!

Amy Posted: 1:02 am on November 22nd
kopykatkim writes: Love the terminology and of course the candleabra! You have a way with words like I've never heard. All the different thingys just fit into place and make a glamerous piece. Now for that bath!!!!!!!

Kim Posted: 5:30 pm on November 19th
georgiamoon writes: Yee haw...Sue that was a GOOD one. I love the project and I love the way you described are so funny. Always a pleasure to read anything that you makes my day! Love to you, Georgia Posted: 1:57 pm on November 19th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is some lighting fixture! I really love the bling and I'm very impressed with how the floor grate was used.

Thank you for your great writing style. Your posts are always so fun to read.

Candy Posted: 2:42 pm on November 18th
CottageElements writes: Sue, you are truly as creative with your posts as you are your projects! The chandelier is wonderful, rustic, elegant! Actually, my electrician told me the same thing about the chandelier above my tub. I just added it after we moved (they wired it for me, just didn't install it). It's actually swagged in the corner so it's not directly over the tub. Oops, my bad! Love the grate, too!

Lanette Posted: 1:10 pm on November 18th
paisleypenguin writes: This is pretty much what I was thinking of creating for my bathroom. Just need to find the junk. Great project! Posted: 1:04 pm on November 18th
MimiToria writes: Sue- this is a great project. Fun to read your post too. You are quite the "comedian". You found a way to get around the lack of electricity over the tub, when you created this. Enjoy!
Gretchen Posted: 12:59 pm on November 18th
vecernice writes: This is so great, thank you for the inspiration. I think I know what I want to see under my Christmas Tree this season.
Eva Posted: 12:48 pm on November 18th
AtticusFinch writes: What a great combination. You could also add one of those new battery lited candles (not junk style, but inventive just the same).

Thanks for letting us have a peek into that marvelous brain... Posted: 9:59 am on November 18th
shabbychick writes: Sue, I think I had almost as much fun reading your "step-by-step" as you did making it! How very cool and I bet it looks beautiful in the evening!

Now all you need is a little "Calgon - to take you away..." (yikes, that's not showing my age, is it???) LOL


P.S. Looks like that "hookamajig" was just waiting for this project!!

Posted: 9:13 am on November 18th
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