How to Make a Cupola Planter

April 16th, 2017 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This is what I call a cheater planter. Follow along and see what I mean.
Isnt this little baby the cutest?
A coat of poly to will keep the rust just the way it is. No more, no less, just right!
There were already holes in the corners of the cupola, but I needed to make them larger for hanging. Ready, set, drill!
I put little I dont know what they are called hooks in each corner to go through the holes. I am sure Jim, Junk Architect will come to my rescue. I might not know what they are called, but I do know how to use them  :)
Tie some chubby rope through the whatchmacallits at each corner.
Take the four ropes and run them through one spring before hanging. This will make for easy level hanging. No one likes a lopsided hanging planter!
Heres where the cheating begins. Can youi say short cut? Everyone likes a short i right? Flip a faux terra cotta pot upside down and put inside the upside down cupola. Buy pre-planted annuals and set inside. Poof...done with that part!
Little four inch square plants fit perfectly around the edge of the  cupola. Wow! No need to get your finger nails dirty. Nifty!
You know I am all about grouping and presentation. I opted for two cupolas of different sizes and one of my favorite gifts ever. One of your contributors, Laurel Putman gave me this little garden angel aka a vintage stove top piece. She was most recently seen (until today) in a Country Gardens Magazine article. You might say shes become my new wheres Waldo. Love her!
She hangs neatly from a piece of rope strung on a pulley. Details.
The trio ....pretty as a picture. Oops...this is a picture. If you want to see this in person head out to Otten Bros. and see the idea room I am creating with your very own eyes.                                       
This is what I call a cheater planter. Follow along and see what I mean.

This is what I call a cheater planter. Follow along and see what I mean.

I love these! Cupolas are so cool. These little baby cupolas were ripe for the picking when it came to what's new pussy cat in hanging planters. Fun, fun, fun! Easy, easy, easy!!

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Comments (11)

JessicaWhite writes: Awesome work..... Posted: 1:49 am on June 5th
chippingcharm writes: Well there "she" is...she really "gets around" doesn't she??? So glad you liked her...I still remember "lugging" her up to your house that night wondering if you'd think I was CRAZY...haha :) Everything is looking GREAT Sue!!! Laurel Posted: 7:30 pm on July 5th
RustyDiva writes: I didn't know what the "quick links" were called but I have some on hand. Great project Sue! I just love rusty stuff all planted up and petunias are my new favorite flower, mainly because I can keep them alive all summer. :) Posted: 12:07 pm on June 30th
MimiToria writes: What a great project! Love the "quick link" thingamajigs too... Now I know what they are as well. Jim will get us ladies educated yet, and soon the thingamajig name won't be needed. :)
Gretchen Posted: 8:22 am on June 30th
whitnelou writes: Can't wait to try this!! Looks amazing!! Posted: 7:47 pm on June 28th
suewhitney writes: Thank you Jimbo. I'm glad we have that one solved!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 5:11 pm on June 28th
JunkArchitect writes: Suzy-Q and Maureen, they're called "quick links".

Posted: 12:28 pm on June 28th
suewhitney writes: Hi... You get them at the hardware store. They look like chain links and they come unscrewed so you can attach them easily. Thay come in a variety of sizes. When I go to the hardware store I'll get the name. Leave it to me to call them thinga ma jiggys. Ah, hahahaha! Posted: 12:06 pm on June 28th
CottagePanache writes: I love these...going hunting for a cupola or two! Way cool! And where do I get the thing-a-ma-jigs? They could come in handy for lots of projects!
Maureen Posted: 9:58 am on June 28th
georgiamoon writes: Well, here you go again. Told you I love plantin' season! These are terrific. I like the "cheating" part..makes it a LOT easier. I love Jim's idea...THAT I would like to see! You two crack me up. Another great creation, Georgia Posted: 8:02 pm on June 27th
JunkArchitect writes: This is one of the best ideas ever for a cupola...really. What else can you do with one of these things? could make yourself a crown, fill it with plants, junk, etc. and transform yourself into a trashy version of Carmen Miranda. I mean that in a nice way...hahahah!

It's called a "quick link" honey.

Posted: 6:22 am on June 27th
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