Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

June 23rd, 2011 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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I have my party clothes on!
I started witrha triple chicken feeder, a rusty stove grate, an outdoor faucet handle, and crusty little terra cotta pots.
I secured the grate with some short little screws.
Details are what set projects apart from others. I pre-drilled a hole for my detail piece of junk.
Then screwed it into place with another short little screw.
The old outdoor faucet handle is flower like in design making it a perfect choice for a planter embellishment. It takes center stage in the in the middle of the stove grate.
3 Little 2 inch crusty pots hold fresh smelling herbs, Your nose will be happy if you throw herbs into the mix in your planters,
I tucked one pot into each of the three slots at the base of the chicken feeder.
You know me and my just gotta have it! I love nice fresh potting soil, but really dont want to see it in my planters. Moss will keep the dirt under cover.
Bright pink Geraniums are a nice choice with galvanized metal.
Doeas anyone see any potting soil? If you do let me know and Ill add some more moss!
I chose to let my chicken feeder sit rather than hang.Maybe its a little less expected that way. I partnered it with a tried and true watering can and a couple pots of Boxwood. The slatted wood of a potting bench made from vintage bull doors is a perfect resting spot for the grouping!
I have my party clothes on!

I have my party clothes on!

I dig the triple chicken feeder in a big way. It has a flat bottom, so it can do the freestand sit or it can be hung. Can anyone say twofer?!They are wonderful planters just as they are, but when you dress them up they're even better!

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Comments (13)

SantaClaus writes: I got my chicken feeder back from the consignment shop - I was so sad because I thought it was sold. I'm never going to do that again; now I just have to find a rusty grate & vintage faucet handle. Posted: 9:21 am on July 11th
suewhitney writes: Thanks for all your kind comments! This project was easy and fun!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 7:36 am on July 3rd
JunkSituation writes: What a cute project. Everything looks really sweet together.
The grate is awesome !
Tammy Posted: 12:14 pm on June 28th
MakinItHappen writes: That is SO PRETTY! Posted: 10:53 am on June 28th
PiperAta writes: Love it! Posted: 8:50 pm on June 27th
Wanda writes: Great idea!!!! Posted: 6:49 am on June 25th
RustyDiva writes: Sue, I love the pop of the rusty grate against the lighter color of the galvanized steel. Your special touch with the faucet handle is perfect. Sublime project dahling!!!

Kenda Posted: 3:43 pm on June 24th
PKstyle writes: I love it! Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas for planters. You've really got me thinking! Posted: 12:15 pm on June 24th
JunkArchitect writes: Chicken feeders are one of my favorite pieces of junk. And the farther away you can get from a piece of junks original intent the better and you certainly did with your beautiful planter...poor little chickens. It was probably their favorite feeder too.

The temperature not too bad in Connecticut but we're in the midst of our rainy season, which I never knew we had in CT.


Posted: 7:58 am on June 24th
Junkpony writes: Very cool.. I love how you put this together. Posted: 7:35 am on June 24th
suewhitney writes: Thanks ladies! As for the long winters Geo...I had to crank up my fireplace yesterday morning because it was 60 degrees in my house. I am starting to plant despite the weather here in Minnesota. Ah,hahaha! You are correct, I do plant anything I can get my hands on and you can expect to see some of my latest finds all planted up in the week to come!

Be Well,

Posted: 6:18 am on June 24th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes:
This is so beautiful! All the elements marry each other perfectly. That stove grate and handle are the coolest. :)

Donna Posted: 11:14 pm on June 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Super darling. I love the galvanized chick feeder and the stove grate is just the right touch. I am always happy when you start crankin' out the planters. It must be those really long winters cause as soon as the sun starts to shine you start planting anything and everything you can find...always inventive and lovely!
Georgia Posted: 7:30 pm on June 23rd
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