One last try for those junky roses...

April 14th, 2011 in member junk     
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A year ago, I wouldnt have believed that these paper crepe styled rose buds...
... would have evolved from this fresh bouquet of roses. These were a special gift from a special friend, so I couldnt handle the thought of losing them so quickly. So for a year, I had them hanging upside down from a ladder.
However everything has a season and the bunch was looking pretty tired. With roses in hand, I head for the compost, but I couldnt do it. The buds were so delicate and the dried hues gorgeous. I HAD to try something one last time.
I had just landed this little mini shutter, so it got a good washing, getting it ready for a new look.
So how good could a tired little shutter and shriveled up roses look anyway?
Well, everyone here got along so well, I was thrilled! And know what? I like the roses even better dried!
The little shutter provided an awesome base that resembles a tray. Sometimes the easiest way truly can be the best.
Quite amazed at how pretty the buds still are after a year!
Dried rose leaves are thick, hold their curvy shapes beautifully and are the most exquisite faded green ever.
Although this little enamel jug isnt old, it sure is cute. Its currently available at Ikea. Too bad I forgot to beat it up a tad. Next vignette for sure. :)
And for the true junkaholic, heres a metal pizza pan added as an extra layer.
I had no idea this was a pizza pan until a blog follower pointed it out. I just about wish I didnt know. Pizza doesnt sound nearly as mysterious as industrial something or other from some vast machine deal...
Apparently its an air model though. And apparently thats good. Works for me!
I love this little vignette. Its very different than what Id normally have on display (wheres the beat up wood and rust?!?) which rather intrigues me.
But it just goes to prove, junk truly can be beautiful with no rust in sight. :)
A year ago, I wouldnt have believed that these paper crepe styled rose buds...

A year ago, I wouldn't have believed that these paper crepe styled rose buds...


A year ago I recieved a gorgeous boquet of roses. Hating the thought of throwing them out, I dried them but never really knew what to do with them. I decided to attempt a new look before they hit the compost.

To my surprise, I think they look even prettier than their before!

Roses... the new junk.


Pattern or design used: My own design - Funky Junk Interiors
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Linda writes: My husband and I have been married for eight years. We dated while he lived in Nashville and I lived in Georgia. Every weekend that we saw eachother he gave me roses. I saved all of them and he didn't know it. When we married a year after dating, I used all of them at our wedding reception in beautiful baskets. After eight years, I am still using some of them on my victorian Christmas tree every year. Dried roses are beautiful! Posted: 2:19 pm on December 10th
MakinItHappen writes: I love dried roses, especially the way the color evolves into that gorgeous aged look. Posted: 9:44 am on April 21st
CottageElements writes: Hey, Laurel, I resemble that comment! My door mat is a manure spreader! LOL! For us junkers, anything is fair game! Donna, I have to say I love your dried flowers. A great save, and so much prettier than silk. I looks all so perfect (and I love the pizza pan)!

Lani Posted: 5:54 pm on April 19th
chippingcharm writes: Beautiful pictures Donna...glad you were able to hold on to the roses a little longer!
I laughed out loud when I read the comment about the pizza pan! Could have been a manure spreader or something...right Sue? ;) Laurel Posted: 1:42 pm on April 15th
JunkArchitect writes: I'm thinking that shriveled up roses are more beautiful than fresh...great hues.
Stunning vignette...don't forget to beat up the jug next time.


Posted: 8:59 am on April 15th
suewhitney writes: Way to go Donna! As a floral person I have difficulty taking beauties like this to the compost too! I adore the new home you have created for you "not so tired" roses.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 6:08 am on April 15th
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