Gear Mirror 5 Different Ways

February 5th, 2011 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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We all know about junk 101....i you cant think off anything else use it as a candle holder.
A rusty gear meets Mrs. Mirror. You could have the mirror cut...or my guess is that you could go to the craft store and find one that is pre-cut...much cheaper!
Heres the under belly...just thought you might want to see it. Te he.... :) I recommend putting a coat of spray poly on projecs like these. Keep the rust from getting where you dont want it! Is there such a place? Hmmm.... I know how you all love your rust!
You all know how I feel about markings...LOVE!!!!
A little Gorilla Super Glue will secure the mirror to the gear
I took a crusty pot and filled it with herbs. The crustier the pot the better!
Around the herb plant I added some rocks for depth and color. Its all in the litle touches.
Keep it under a cloche in your kitchen to add fresh flavor to your food.
Or you could keep time in a bottle...oops I meant bell jar.
It would be darling as a perfume caddy on your dressing table
It also works well as a fresh way to present flowers. What would you use it for?
We all know about junk 101....i you cant think off anything else use it as a candle holder.

We all know about junk 101....i you can't think off anything else use it as a candle holder.

I found this while out on a shopping mission and thought it was a clever idea, but needed some thought about application. Here are the ideas I came up with. Now it has the two Ps....pretty and practical.

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Emily_FOUND_Gallery writes: We just got a few of these mirrors in the shop, and we have them hanging up - fun to see these being used in different ways! Thanks for the inspiration! Posted: 1:29 pm on February 9th
RustyDiva writes: Yup, love the rusty crusty. Especially if it's all shined up with poly or vaseline! Beautiful project.

Kenda Posted: 7:36 am on February 8th
portiakatze writes: Sue, these look great! I love mirror...there is nothing better to give a contrasting "clean" look to an (already lovely) old piece of junk! :) Posted: 8:51 pm on February 7th
JunkArchitect writes: I think some of the best projects are a mix of old and new. You really pulled it off with these beautiful creations.

Posted: 6:29 am on February 7th
Judi writes: Very unique..very original...LOVE IT! Thanks for the idea! Posted: 2:41 pm on February 6th
JunkSituation writes: I love the old with the new... very cool gear. It's a winner ! Thanks for the idea :) Posted: 6:15 am on February 6th
KMcG73 writes: Pretty, practical and pulchritudinous (my vocab word of the day which means physically beautiful)! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open @ my local flea market this morning for parts for a creation like that! Posted: 5:50 am on February 6th
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