Leather and Oak Dining Chairs

October 28th, 2010 in member junk     
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hi everyone! i'm looking for any thoughts on the history of these chairs.  honestly, they have me stumped!  i've had a very difficult time finding anything similiar, but am sure that someone out there may have a good idea! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Pattern or design used: Mossy Rock Interiors
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suewhitney writes: Way to go Mossy Lady! Thanks or helping out.

Be Well
Sue Posted: 7:10 am on October 30th
Mossy_Rock_Interiors writes: hi mossylady! how about that? we have similar names :)

thank you so much for your input! i'm telling you, i just couldn't figure these guys out. this really helps. now i know where to start! i originally purchased these to "make-over" but with so much history, i'm thinking they may be better left in their original state. thanks again! Posted: 2:19 pm on October 28th
MossyLady writes: Anytime you see that style leg, with the bulbous turning around the middle or upper part of the leg, it's usually depression era, which would be the 1930's, but actually this style can go back into the 20's. The general look of this chair makes me think it could possibly be English. Most of this style of furniture was made with walnut in America, however in England they used oak, and this style lasted longer there, up into the 50's I've been told. Posted: 1:27 pm on October 28th
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