Mining for Junk? Absolutely!

November 6th, 2008 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Youve all heard me say that junking is green. Saving stuff from the landfill and making it cool is the way to go! The folks at Urban Mining whole-heartedly embrace this philosophy.
Here are just a few of the 15 vendors that make up the mining team. Please meet (from left to right) Sara Beth Prothe, owner and manager Mary Rouse, Aida Acosta, and Rhinda Cooper. Way to go!
Their space me laugh! It reminded me of the old JUNKMARKET sale days.  Its tucked in the lower level of an urban building and when I walked through the door I felt right at home. With only a week to go before the next event, junk was everywhere waiting to be repaired, repurposed, and displayed. There was much to be done, but I have no doubt that theyll all be ready to rock-and-roll when the doors open for business.
Heres just a peek at some of the junk that awaits eager junkers. Now if this doesnt whet your whistle, I dont know what will!
No worries men. You wont be left out in the cold at this sale!
Love, love, love this! Did I say I love him?
This is a great repurpose. Can you guess what this cabinet is made from? You know the drill... on your marks, get set, guess!
Youll find plenty of things to dress your table this holiday season.
This is what I wanted to take home. I forgot to bring an extra suitcase. This typewriter was in excellent condition and had beautiful beveled glass sides. Dont you think this would look excellent in an office?
Bits and pieces, odds and ends. You can find all of the building blocks for your junk projects right here.
Heres a clever idea that truly speaks to junk. The tree is made from a furnace filter and vintage ornaments.
Hes one happy choir boy! Some of the miners mix and match to come up with some pretty darn cute Christmas ornaments.
Youve all heard me say that junking is green. Saving stuff from the landfill and making it cool is the way to go! The folks at Urban Mining whole-heartedly embrace this philosophy.

You've all heard me say that junking is green. Saving stuff from the landfill and making it cool is the way to go! The folks at Urban Mining whole-heartedly embrace this philosophy.

While at a speaking engagement in Kansas City Missouri I was delighted to find a place I could call a home away from home. Urban Mining Homewares & Co. located in the Westport area is a dandy place to uncover some teriffic stuff in the ruff as well as items that have been thoughtfully re-purposed for your home. The "mine" (as the owner and vendors loving refer to it) is a junk store that hosts monthly shopping extravaganzas. The sales begin on the first Friday of each month and wrap up the following Sunday. Why do this? The answer is simple. This allows  the fellow miners to keep it fresh for all you hungry shoppers. Each and every sale you will find a different array of goodies that will put that bounce right back into your step. So if you live in the area or are itching for a road trip, add Urban Mining to your list of junking hot spots. For more information go to


History of Urban Mining Homewares:

Mary Rouse has been the sole owner and manager for 4+ years at the same basement/warehouse site. The business is located in historic Westport in an antique building on Main St. built around 1909. She owned a small retail operation for one year previous to that. She is totally motivated by recycling ethic meets creative creations meets frugal living.

Her current dealers are:

Aida Acosta (made 'guess your best' hutch)

Suzy Snyder (made holiday ornaments)

Kathy Burris (made holiday ornaments)

Brenda Hartman

Suzy Bundy

Rhinda Cooper (made cheese grater chandelier)

Mike McKelley

Sara Beth  Prothe

Rowena Young

Barbara McCrery

Melissa Koch

Sally Hamacher

Leanna and Maurice Holdgraf

Suzanne Hedrick (made the tie ottoman)

Jen Glover

Ninette Maumus (our web photographer, too!)

Sandy Wetzel

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Frances writes: I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack 13 months ago. Then I got into a car accident and crushed both of my knees. A very hard year. I have the ties but is there anyone who can male 1-2 of these pouf style stools for a price. They are wonderful. Frances. Posted: 11:38 am on February 19th
jenbug writes: I just visited Urban Mining on Sunday. BTW you get 10% off on Sundays! As soon as I walked in the door dwell trickled down my cheek - what a place. First I was greeted by this unusual chandlier made of an old bed spring. Yes someone took an old bed spring and christmas lights and hung it from their entrance. So cool and creative. I was on the hunt for Christmas elves - wa-a-a - la-a-a I found three. As soon as I get more techo savey I will post their picture. Posted: 10:31 am on November 11th
IowaJunkGypsy writes: I LOVE the cheese grater lights. I actually have about 4 I saved and put candles under in the kitchen- but I have been thinking of making 2 overhead chandeliers and collecting silverware to make into prisms- the 2 combined may be perfect. Now to find the "carcass" for the lights. Posted: 10:20 am on November 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: That furnace filter tree is so cute and creative! And the typewriter is killer!

Looks like a place I'd love to dig through the boxes too.

Candy Posted: 7:03 pm on November 6th
italianpeasant writes: SUE, i'll say drawers, i'm sure it's not bustle this time LOL Posted: 6:42 pm on November 6th
kopykatkim writes: I think it is some kind of drawers also.

Kim Posted: 4:27 pm on November 6th
MimiToria writes: Its dresser doors on their sides, Sue. Am I right?
Gretchen Posted: 4:07 pm on November 6th
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