Twenty years in the "re-making"...and it's finally all "laced" up!

January 26th, 2014 in blog, projects     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Baby, its cold outside!!!  Inside, its toasty warm and this sweet old chair is looking kinda cozy - just grab a book and have a seat!!  And a cup of tea might be nice too!!
This poor chair - its solid as a rock and has a lot of life left in it, but in definite need of a makeover!  Sooooo...away we go!
A few of the layers of fabric...the good, the bad, and the ugly!
Primed, painted and ready for the next step.  
Heres a close up of the back - a rag tag mix of laces and doiles, and it all fit together quite nicely.
This was the perfect opportunity for me to use laces and doilies that Ive been saving/hoarding (did I just say that???)  Every time I come across old lace, and the price is right, well, you know - I have to buy it!  So, there was plenty to pick from...
Its all in the details...  And, the fabulous old design of this rocker has been screaming to be noticed again!  
And, here is the rockers new best friend - a sweet little matching stool/sidetable.
More vintage fun - perfect to display on the stool!
And, heres a bonus project.  A recovered pillow - muslin, lace, hardware, crystal, and a bit on the rusty side - but perfect to display keepsakes and photos.  The photo is our daughter (Kristen), son-in-law (Tom), and their sweet dog, Jersey (aka, our grandpuppy!).  
FYI - the trim across the top is a mix of a rusty chain and lace - who knew they could go together so well??
Up close - a fabulous old latch from a cabinet, perfect to hang a key and sparkly crystal.  
And, heres my P.S....  This is the new storefront for Nostalgias Cottage (me and my friends, Susan and Terri).  We will be having our first occasional sale on April 4th and 5th.  Were so excited to have a storefront, and also part of a basement for a work/play space and storage.  So, stay tuned for more info and pics!!  
Baby, its cold outside!!!  Inside, its toasty warm and this sweet old chair is looking kinda cozy - just grab a book and have a seat!!  And a cup of tea might be nice too!!

Baby, it's cold outside!!!  Inside, it's toasty warm and this sweet old chair is looking kinda cozy - just grab a book and have a seat!!  And a cup of tea might be nice too!!

Hello all!  It's been a long winter (and it's only half over...), and I've been busy sorting, organizing and "purging" through my vast amount of junk in my basement/work room.  You know the kind of thing people do in January for a fresh start into the new year?  Gotta try and not go over that line into hoarding...  It feels good to get better organized, and now I know there are some things I better get busy and use, or lose (to make room for more once the garage sale season starts...wink, wink).   

Anyway, I wanted to share pics of my latest project.  I've had this old platform rocker in my basement for over twenty years, and just kept thinking "I'll do something with of these days".  Really???  Twenty years???

Well, I finally did.  I believe it's from the 1800s, and, from the layers of fabric I removed, it has been through a few style changes (not sure when the bright printed "oilcloth" was in style, but it definitely had to go).  

I cleaned off the dust, sanded it, then primed and painted.  I put a new layer of fabric on the seat, and began digging through lace and doilies - definitely using a little bit of this and that!  I put the pieces together like a puzzle (I used fabric glue, and "hot" fabric glue).  I like how it turned out - a sweet antique shabby rocker!  It's all ready to sell, and FINALLY get settled into its happy new home!

And since I just happened to have a small footstool too - I decided to "re-do" it to match.  It could also be used as a sweet little sidetable!  

Thanks for checking out my chair re-do.  Hope you have a great day and are staying warm (or are in a warm climate - and if you are, I am sooo jealous!).


Junk hugs from snOHIO!




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georgiamoon writes: Very very pretty. I have been looking for a way to use up all my hoarded lace! You are awesome!
Georgia Posted: 12:50 pm on January 27th
shabbychick writes: Thanks, Ladies! It was nice to finally git-r-done! And, I know someone will fall in love with it. :) (Although, might not be a bad idea to hold onto it!!) ;)

And, Miss Sue...I'm innocent (seriously...) - all that metal was never going to slide past security! Oh, if it only could have just been candy!

I do love being a part of this junk lovin' world here at JMS. Lots of inspiration, fun, and great people.

Hugs, Kathy

Posted: 4:26 pm on January 26th
artteachergirl writes: I saw your post on Southern Junkers and had to come take a look! It's just beautiful! The pillow is lovely and a cute way of displaying. I know you feel very accomplished after waiting so long to get to the rocker...been there on some things too. Congratulations on your up coming sale and store front! Best, Vicki Posted: 3:37 pm on January 26th
suewhitney writes: Hey All,

Happy Sunday! It's time for another contributor re-introduction. Say hello to one Miss Kathy Stantz! Kathy has been an important part of the JMS team for a very long time and we are all very lucky for that. Kath and I have been through a lot together...big shows, little shows, websites, FB, Gorilla Glue,junking, camping, and hoteling! You name it...we've done it! And....we've had a ton of fun! Kathy has a great style of her very own and loves to be a roving reporter of all things vintage and junk. Not only is she creatively talented, but she's pretty darn funny too. I think you should all ask her a couple of questions!

1. What about those clocks!
2. How did Kathy get me stopped by security at the airport. And yes, Kathy I still content that was all your fault! :)

Thanks, girlfriend for all ya do! Big hugs from me.

More from Kathy!

My name is Kathy, and Im a junkaholic - there, I said it...feeling much better now!

I was born to junk - always begging things from my grandma, and collecting rocks and Avon bottles when I was little... I refinished my first piece of furniture when I was 18 - and havent stopped re-doing things since...

My friend, Terri, Susan, and I (aka Nostalgia's Cottage) buy old furniture and great vintage junk - and paint, repurpose, etc. It's a great feeling to give a piece of furniture that's worn out or forgotten...a second chance! Or, to turn someone's "trash" into a treasure (and maybe even a new purpose), AND to give it a new home - well, that's why we do what we do!

One of the things we also love to do is restyle vintage jewelry and bits/pieces into unique junk jewelry - necklaces, bracelets and more.

We sell our wares at a few flea markets and shows in Ohio. We are vendors at The Vintage Marketplace at Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market (May & September). In 2014, we will also add occasional sales to our calendar - in downtown, Mansfield, Ohio.

We have a blast - always on the hunt for something! (Would love to quit my day job and do it fulltime!) Every summer we plan a girls trip - junking all the way, and have traveled into Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana - and of course - all over Ohio - one of our most fun trips was the Worlds Longest Yard Sale (250 miles through Kentucky/Tennessee).

My hubby is fairly understanding of my addiction (and has been known to stop and pick something up from the curb if he thinks its something I could use) - but says well never be able to move - too much stuff (I think not!!). My daughter shops my basement when she comes home to visit...(shes her mothers daughter for sure!!).

My personal style is definitely a mix of this and that - cottage/beachy/shabby. I am a collector of many things (my friend says if you have three of something its a collection - so...yep, Ive got a few!) Of course my favorite thing to do is hunt for additions to my collections (and pieces of interesting junk to play with) at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops - and sometimes its just dropped at my doorstep (friends and neighbors - gotta love em!) I collect pottery and ironstone (mostly white - Haeger, Hull, etc.), old clocks, vintage beach stuff - especially beach oil paintings, vintage jewelry, child-size chairs, and lots of other stuff! :)

I am so happy to be a part of JUNKMARKET Style (aka Junkaholics Anonymous) - a great support group for junkaholics like me - HOWEVER, were not looking for a cure - just a whole lotta support!!

I have had the opportunity to meet some of our contributors and members through the shows we attend, and a couple trips to Minnesota - I am so thankful for the friends Ive made along the way... Thanks to Sue for bringing us together. She works tirelessly to keep this the fabulous place it is to share our junk and ideas. All together...were quite a collection (and I mean that in the best way possible)!

God Bless!

Happy junking trails to you!

P.S. For more junk visit my blog:
Posted: 8:12 am on January 26th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Kathy, your chair and footstool transformation are adorable. They'd be great for rocking a grandbaby. Are you sure you shouldn't keep them???? The pillow is gorgeous, too. Congrats on the new store. You will have so much fun there! Hugs back at ya from cold and windy MinneSNOta. ~Marge Posted: 6:40 am on January 26th
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