I've Gone Textile!

September 15th, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This little baby dresses up a Fall table right nice! Do you know what it is yet?
I did not like the color in the center of the piece so I had to ge it covered up. Bright cobalt blue might be hot, but I never took a shine to it. Afterall were trend setters, not trend followers.
I covered the center with a neutral linen fabric.
You dont really need to know how to sew to do this. It could have just as easily been done another way. Can you say Stitch Witchery?
I think this is the give away image.
If you guess apples...you are incorrect. Ah hahahaha!
This little baby dresses up a Fall table right nice! Do you know what it is yet?

This little baby dresses up a Fall table right nice! Do you know what it is yet?

OK......so Ididn't sew it myself (had you going didn't I?), but I came up with the idea. Does that count? TeHe! This is a sneak peek at something I created for the Country Living Fair. One of my assignments was to come up with an autumnal dining experience and this one (as they often do) started with the textiles. I'll give you a hint at what it was. Have you ever bought projects and gotten a start on them only to realize the project was just too big for you? Me too. Off to the closet they go, carefully packaged...never to be seen again. I found such a piece at one of my favorite haunts and put it back in to use as a table cloth. What is our mystery piece-o-junk?


BTW.... I will share the rest of the setting later gator.....

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CottageElements writes: Gretchen, I think the rug already had the design on it. But what a fab reuse. I'm not sure though if I'm ready for fall yet. Though I do love the decorating, I could do without the cool weather. Must be because I live in Minnesota. Give me heat!

Lani Posted: 11:50 am on September 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Very cool my friend. Can't wait for all the fall projects that I know are coming. Georgia Posted: 3:30 pm on September 22nd
GretchenP writes: So did you add the colorful swirls and such or was that already part of the sack?

Great looking item either way... Posted: 10:10 am on September 22nd
RustyDiva writes: Perfect for a Fall table! I would have guessed coffee sack too because of the "Columbia" ~ NEVER would have guessed a rug. Way to go Sue.

Kenda Posted: 10:32 am on September 16th
suewhitney writes: Shaggy Mom guessed it pretty quickly. The burlap backing is to die for beautiful!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:32 am on September 16th
LadyCatherine writes: It is a coffee bean sack. Columbia gave it away.
Am I right or wrong Sue? Posted: 5:31 am on September 16th
shaggymom writes: a rug Posted: 6:39 pm on September 15th
suewhitney writes: Good guess, but no.... S. Posted: 5:24 pm on September 15th
Vintagemommy writes: Feed sack?? Posted: 5:06 pm on September 15th
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