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October 28th, 2008 in member junk     
bluejean bluejean, member
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I used a LOT of elbow grease to clean up this window.  I carefully scraped out the putty so I didn't break the glass.  I painted the window and then cut a vintage poster into thirds with a craft knife.  I then inserted the pieces being sure they were lined up (this took some time).  I then put foam core behind each pane and secured with glazing points.  To finish off the back I screwed on fiberboard to cover the mess. 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Repurposed Antiques
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SantaClaus writes: Your elbow grease was well worth it - awesome re-make of another window! Posted: 5:36 am on February 12th
kopykatkim writes: Very Cool window, I love windows and have several, I have used calendar pictures in mine also. Makes for a great theme in a room. Good Job.

Kim Posted: 7:09 pm on October 29th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Wow! That does look like you had a lot of work. The end result is fabulous though! Thanks for sharing.

Candy Posted: 8:22 am on October 29th
csudderth writes: Great use of old window. I can see that it took a lot of elbow grease but it looks worth it from where I'm sitting (on couch in front of laptop)!
Christy Posted: 9:09 pm on October 28th
MimiToria writes: Love this idea!!! I've got the windows, now to find the poster like yours. I love the poster you've chosen. Such a great combination! This is great! Posted: 7:59 pm on October 28th
LuAnn writes: Cleaver idea. I too will be on the look out for more window. One can never have too many.

LuAnn Posted: 7:35 pm on October 28th
Chovey writes: Wow! Very nice window project! I'll be on the lookout for another window now!
cynthia Posted: 7:16 pm on October 28th
bluejean writes: I was GIVEN five of these windows from a remodel job my son-in-love was doing. Three will be Eiffle Tower pictures, one will be a message board (cork, metal & chalk) and the fifth I sanded off some of the pink paint and will leave it "shabby chic" and put mirror in it. I have a small business and hope to sell all of them at a fair in Dec.
I got the poster at a local shop called Bungalow for $4.00. Someone told me they found one like mine in the internet. I don't know the web site but I bet you could google it. I am also going to do a vintage map of the US and use a window with four panes for my next project. Posted: 7:10 pm on October 28th
fellowjunker writes: You did a beautiful job!! It looks gorgeous. I must admit I even fell in love with the before picture....I just love chippy old paint! Where on earth did you get the large eiffel tower print...I collect eiffel towers and would love to try this exact project.
Thanks for inspiring!!
xojanis Posted: 5:10 pm on October 28th
AtticusFinch writes: great job and cleaver too Posted: 3:33 pm on October 28th
GarageSaleJunkie writes: Love the Idea!!! I am in a search for an old window pane, because All the window ideas have inspired me to have one of my own!!!

Great work
-Katie* Posted: 3:00 pm on October 28th
saclark writes: This is another great idea for an old window! I'm sure everyone has a gazillion windows they don't know what to do with. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Posted: 2:56 pm on October 28th
shabbychick writes: What a "chic" re-do of your window! Very nice!!

Kathy Posted: 2:28 pm on October 28th
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