Making the Best of Mistakes

August 28th, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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The beauty from not so much of a beast!
Lani finds the bucket, I buy the bucket, we dress up the bucket (moments before the event)....I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream junk!
I needed a little embellishment, so Sharons hubby was cohersed in to finding me a faucet handle. It was attached easily and quickly with my right hand mankey (no typo) Gorilla Super Glue.
Funny how things just work out sometimes...what a match!
OK, the original screw that came with the faucet handle was not the right color nor the right length. Hmmmm, without my arsenol of the good stuff it was back to my favorite Pfarkel hubby (except for the one that gave me a fancy ice cream cone for a kiss on his cheek from his wife, Diane) for a prefectly imperfect rusty screw, clipped of course to the perfect length with a bolt cutter. By the way all of the Pfarel hubbies are great!
The rusty screw seals the deal.
You know me, a sucker for details! The back of the bucket looks as good as the front.
While I was putting it all together, Lani kindly ran off to the local hardware store (two doors down) for some spray poly. Thank goodness for good friends!!!
After drying in the sun for 20 minutes it was time to assemble the package. A little fluff to start...
Then load it up with all of the things one special lady might need for a hospital stay. The good thing is that when she comes back healthy and happy she can transform the bucket into anything she likes. The gift of creativity is the best!
One last look.
The beauty from not so much of a beast!

The beauty from not so much of a beast!

I was on my way with Lani to the Pfarkel Sisters' "Trash to Treasure" Charity Auction and Wine Tasting for Breast Cancer and thought everything was well under control. Oopsie doops, my bad! Computer...check, luggage...check....stuffers for project....check, project...oops! A senior, blond woman... can't remember everything! Te know I'm only having fun. So any hoo, the real fun begins. We stopped off at a garage sale and Lani spotted a bucket while I was in the car. She hemmed, but I was in need, so I bought this very cool bucket. We were not sure what it was, but later were informed that it was an ice cream bucket. Cool! No pun intended! Leave it to the Pfarkel family to fill in the details. The rest is history. We came up with a donation far more meaningful than the original. Fun!

I want to thank the Pfarkel sisters and the entire community of St. Charles for hosting and participating in such a wonderful event. Also, a big thanks to our very own Amy for hosting the blogger party at Oronoco and jump starting this event with our JMS members. Donations from our members were received from all over the country. This truly warms my heart. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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Comments (14)

junkermidge writes: Not sure what you originally planned, but this is awesome! Love the vintage ice cream bucket. Thank goodness for blond moments! Sounds like it was a lot of fun -- and a great event for a great cause. Thanks to everyone involved!
Midge Posted: 11:48 am on September 2nd
Fjerda writes: It was a very successful project! A very successful event!
All with wonderful friends, junkers and family. We get through it all with each other for support, love and laughs. Thanks to Amy for getting the blogger party going; to Lani and Sue for attending the event,drinking some of the wine, shopping in my garage and sharing the laughs. Also thank you the JMS contributors who sent items for the auction.
Posted: 11:44 pm on September 1st
MimiToria writes: This turned out awesome, and I can understand why Lani ended up taking it home with her after bidding on it. Too cool! Posted: 8:44 am on September 1st
paisleypenguin writes: Great charity. My sis is doing the three day walk here in Seattle in honor of a friend who is still a fighter. She had a garage sale to raise money. Love your little ice bucket! Posted: 10:35 pm on August 31st
chippingcharm writes: I've never met anyone better at pulling it all together at the last minute than you Sue. It's a "gift" for it! Laurel Posted: 11:18 pm on August 30th
suewhitney writes: Ah hahahaha! I think it is called pulling it out of the rear. TeHe!

Thanks for the welcome back!
Sue Posted: 1:17 pm on August 30th
RustyDiva writes: I've missed you so much!!!! Awesome way to be resourceful Sue. I love a girl who can think on her feet, or head, or rear etc, etc. YOU are the bomb.

Kenda Posted: 1:02 pm on August 30th
54girl writes: What a great project and a great cause! Well have to make sure to remember to do this next year. Your bucket turned out absolutely beautiful!! Love it!! Mary Posted: 11:40 pm on August 29th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
I would be storing to if I said I didn't miss you at ORNOCO,But was glsd I caught up with AMY and the PFARKEL SISTERS. And LANI you must remember I.m up on the high hill to the west and have been for 10 years.I'm glad that the auction was a sucess because years ago I lost my wife to cancer so I'm always willing to help.Hope you had a nice vacation and as usual you always have the neatest projects.A special Blessing is coming your way.ROBERT. Posted: 7:42 pm on August 29th
CottageElements writes: That was a great save, Sue. And it worked together so perfectly. Why is it everything you touch always looks better once you get done with it? Thanks for being such a great traveling buddy, too! It was a fab weekend to say the least!

Lani Posted: 5:56 pm on August 29th
alicemom writes: What a great story and so well planned lol! Sue you have done it again!
smiles, alice Posted: 4:53 pm on August 29th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: What a lovely gift! So suitable. Now about that bucket... oh my... a work of art that thing is! I would have had a hard time giving that one up!

Posted: 1:53 pm on August 29th
byabpryor writes: A wonderful looks and deed.
. Posted: 12:49 pm on August 29th
TracyMB writes: Only a dedicated junk blogger would think to take pictures during this mad dash! Love it! :) Posted: 11:15 am on August 29th
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