Vintage Market Day...and an unexpected trip...

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shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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A hot sunny day for our FIRST Annual Vintage Market neighborhood will never be the same!
Lets get this sale started....
Back to school - desks and furniture for little ones!
Signing up for the door winner each hour.  We each put in something of our own, and then we had an autographed book by our very own Sue Whitney, and some Gorilla Glue goodies too - everybody loves free stuff!!
Here we are - stepping out of a time capsule...or the set of Leave it to Beaver... (Linda, me, and Sue)
Lots of great furniture to pick from.  And some clock parts stashed away in jars too!
This was the sweetest little chair - dont ya love the print?
Carol made an awesome garden chandelier - for a patio, deck or sold right away!
Some junky little planters...
Great metal chairs and a sweet little tricycle!
Primitives, shutters and a few bicycles.  Darn, I wish I would have had time to take a ride around the block!
Me and MIDGE!  Woo hoo.  She was leaving just as I was getting back from the ER, and we chased her down (ha ha!!) - so we got to spend a little time together in the shade.   And she brought me a gift - a box of springs... Thanks Midge!!! 
A hot sunny day for our FIRST Annual Vintage Market neighborhood will never be the same!

A hot sunny day for our FIRST Annual Vintage Market neighborhood will never be the same!

Our first annual Vintage Market Day - from start to finish, was nothing but busy!!!  Mostly in a good way...lots of fun, lots of work...and a lot of other junk!!!

First, I have to say that Terri and I had an amazing "crew" of friends...Carol, Robin, Ginny, Sue, Linda, Ellen, Tela and Tiffany - handling everything from setting up to helping customers to helping me to the emergency room in the afternoon...  We also had Laura and Ashley selling their Premier Jewelry under the shade tree in the front yard.

Anyway, a little after 1:00 pm, I was going into my house and closing the door (and yes, I'll blame the door - not me being maybe distracted, tired, rushed or whatever - or all of the above...) caught my heel and tore it...two hours and six stitches later (thanks for getting me to the ER Carol and Ellen - all of us in our fabulous vintage dresses...) - I was back - but totally sidelined and sitting helpless in the shade while everyone was busy as bees around me.  The girls took care of everything (including me).   It was a huge amount of work in a short time, on an extremely hot day...  Everybody really worked so well together, and I think they might even want to help next year????? (fingers crossed). 

Back to the Market...  We started setting up on Thursday night, and finished on Friday - we had to take dips in the pool throughout the day - it was in the 90s, and we had a lot of stuff to get in place.  We packed my driveway, garage (thanks to my hubby for letting us "borrow" it), deck and yard with great junk!  Most of the girls brought antiques/vintage items, and some handcrafted vintage treasures.  Terri was selling her very creatively redesigned jewelry on the deck.  Ginny is an antique dealer, so she brought some awesome things into the mix!  On Friday night (about midnight)...we had a storm come through so Sue and Linda  helped me bring in some things and cover what we couldn't move...we crossed our fingers, and went to bed.  We started resetting things at 6:00 am on Saturday, and with everybody's help - we were ready by 9:00 am.  (OK, can you see me in high gear or what???)

The day started a little slow, but by 10:00 am, there was a steady stream of customers (we estimated about 300 people came through - woo hoo - it was an awesome turnout).  We had a lot of friends stop by (local and out-of-towners), as well as people who found us from our advertising, or our yard signs.  I got to meet some of my Ohio blogging friends........AND.......Midge of JMS (junkermidge) - yep - I GOT TO MEET OUR MIDGE!!!  All the way from Michigan...and she brought "junk"!!

There were lots of sales, and our "checkout" area (or "checkout central") was run super efficiently (thanks to Tela & Tiff...and company).

Next year, we've decided to find a small commercial location to rent and have the event under cover (out of the rain - or threat of rain, and out of the heat).  AND, we'll be inviting a few more vendors as well - stay tuned for our Second Annual Vintage Market Day - 2011!!!!!  It'll be bigger and better - and I promise not to leave in the middle of the show!

We're looking forward to next year, and the year after that, and the year after that! :)  (Hope I'm not scaring my friends!!  Nah...they're used to me!)

Have a great junking week!!


P.S.  (There's always a P.S. with me)  We're leaving for the World's Longest Yard Sale on Friday...heading south - Ohio to Kentucky for two days - so stay tuned for my next post - it'll be HUGE fun!

Check out my blog for more pics...

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greenlady2010 writes: Absolutely love the garden chandelier. What is that frame??
Posted: 6:43 pm on June 7th
dar writes: Where is your sale located???? It looked wonderful..would love to attend the next one. Posted: 11:41 am on November 16th
SalvagedShadows writes: What a great sale! I'm sorry about your foot, though. My nine year old has the school desk in front, a rescued one from the youthful days of my father. Of course, there's more Legos in there than school work, but oh well. Have fun next year! Posted: 9:22 am on October 5th
54girl writes: Looks like you had a great sale Kathy! How fun! I saw all kind of things I would've liked! Mary Posted: 10:40 pm on August 13th
junkermidge writes: Kathy had a great sale, I look forward to seeing what she comes up with for next year -- minus the injury. It was great to get to finally meet one of my good junking "friends", but I felt like I already knew her.
Midge Posted: 5:12 pm on August 12th
byabpryor writes: Sorry about your injury... but what a great group of friends?! That's what it is all about.. pitching in and helping out. God bless!

Seems like you had a very successful day. Please keep up the good's inspiring. It really is.....
Ang Posted: 6:13 pm on August 7th
Grasshopper22 writes: Sorry about your heel...ouch...don't ya hate when things like that happen!

Looks like your sale was a success... Posted: 8:49 am on August 6th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everybody! All in was a very good day - lots of sales, seeing friends we hadn't seen in a while, and the fact that we actually did it!!! Really looking forward to next year...minus the stitches (by the way - they came out today...just in time for us to leave for the World's Longest Yard Sale - :)

Have a great junking weekend!

Kathy Posted: 11:04 pm on August 5th
chippingcharm writes: Kathy, everything looked great...sorry about your foot, things don't always go "as planned" huh? Wish I could have been there too! Take care, Laurel Posted: 9:26 pm on August 5th
RustyDiva writes: Oh Kathy,
I'm so glad you are ok! Ripped heels can be dangerous. You have things like tendons and such back there. Your sale looks like tons of fun in spite of the accident. I'm sure you guys made a killin. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Kenda Posted: 6:08 pm on August 5th
JunkArchitect writes: Looks like a well organized event with lots of great junk. I see quite a few things I would have bought. If it wasn’t like a 1,000 miles from my house I would have been there.

Posted: 3:15 pm on August 5th
CottageElements writes: Looks like it was great sale, Kathy! And you got to meet her! So glad you were able to go on, even after your ER visit. Thanks for letting us feel like we were there, even though we couldn't be there :(

Lani Posted: 12:18 pm on August 5th
MossyLady writes: Ya'all did a terrific job on this sale. Your future plans are right on target. If you have these sales at your home, it puts people in the yard sale mentality of "You've got to give this to me for nothing". Adding more dealers is a terrific idea. There is strength in numbers, but alas, you will also increase your headaches. Good luck! Hope your next sale goes over the moon. Posted: 11:18 am on August 5th
vanj writes: How wonderful to have great friends who help in times of need!
your pics are AWESOME!!! Very happy for you on this new.

Nessa Posted: 9:12 am on August 5th
oldnews writes: So sorry about your foot, that had to hurt like crazy. Lucky you getting to meet Midge! It looks like it was an amazing day (cept for the ER trip!) and I bet next year will be even more so! Marie Posted: 1:30 am on August 5th
JunkFest_Girl_2 writes: Hey Kathy! Great to hear about your successful sale...the first of many, I am sure! Lynette Posted: 12:29 am on August 5th
Prior writes: What an awesome sale!!! Sorry, for the mishap, and have fun at the yard sales! Lezlee Posted: 8:29 pm on August 4th
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