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This is the blank canvas...a very steep hill leading to a another high hill.
Hubby wipper snippered the weeds down to the bare earth, and then I planted the hostas and laid down the wet newspaper around the plants.
Laying down the weed barrier...I used heavy gauge wire bent in a U and hammered down to hold it in place.
Laying down the mulch and then the about sweat equity!!! Thank goodness for my teenage son and hubby! The rocks were brought up from the farthest part of the property by the wheel barrel full.
The finished bed...Next year it will be fuller :)
This is the blank canvas...a very steep hill leading to a another high hill.

This is the blank canvas...a very steep hill leading to a another high hill.

Every thing in this garden was free, except the weed barrier...

I thought I would post this for any gardeners that want to plant a garden in a forest. It is impossible to plant a garden at our cabin in the woods...weeds will take over a bed in no time flat. I wanted an instant garden without weeds so this is what I did...Wipper snipper the area down to the earth, design where the plants will go and plant, take wet newspaper (3-4 layers) and lay down around plants, this should be done early in the Spring when the plants are small so when you put the weed barrier on top of the newpaper you can easily cut the hole that sits around the plant. Then comes the rocks and then the mulch..."presto" instant garden. Yes, it is time consuming but well worth it in the long run...I have done this to 2 more flowerbeds at the cabin using this method, and so far so good. This method will not work as well with certain types of plants like ferns that spread by runners or plants that propagate by re-seeding.

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BillyJo writes: Great idea and Spouse bonding too. BillyJo Posted: 11:10 pm on August 2nd
cheriberri writes: Truly Beautiful..I love the idea of a garden in the woods..a great place to take a walk!!! Posted: 5:53 pm on August 1st
lady1880s writes: What a inspiration! I live on 2.5 acs. of pines,oaks and weeds.Thank you for the ideas! Posted: 4:02 pm on August 1st
artteachergirl writes: Just beautiful!!! Hostas are wonderful, aren't they? You did a lot of work, but it paid off! Posted: 3:11 pm on August 1st
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