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July 23rd, 2010 in member junk     
SarahMc SarahMc, member
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So as I imagined my new windchimes made from some of my new found junk and old copper pipes that I had used to make a windchime about 12 years ago I entered my project with much ambition and excitement. I set up my work area - 2 chairs on the kitchen table suspending a dowel rod and my "junk" tied up so I could work at eye level. As the project started to take shape I realized it needed something. Some glass beads perhaps to give it just a bit of spice. Then I remembered that I had old pieces of my great grandmothers jewelry. It was a 4 pc set, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and multi strand necklace that broke many many years ago. I had kept all the loose beads in my jewelry box. Great grandmas aurora borealis. I called my grandma to ask her if she remembered the jewelry and told her what I planned to do. I thought for sure she would appreciate it. And she did, but imagine my surprise when she told me this story:
"When Grandma (Bessie) was in the nursing home just before she died, they gave her some rather strong pain killers and we had the window cracked, it was snowy outside and she said she could hear music and saw icicles. I told her I wish I could see what she was seeing and hear what she was hearing."
So then my project took on an entirely new life. After 3-1/2 hours of love and work, now we all can see the icicles and hear her music.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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junkermidge writes: Very cool project and even cooler story to go with it! Awesome.
Midge Posted: 4:29 pm on July 30th
SarahMc writes: Yes, it appears to be an old birdcage stand, and the upper pc is an old metal planter, inverted. When I saw these 2 pcs I knew they belonged together like peanut butter and chocolate!! :) Posted: 3:41 pm on July 27th
LittleRedHen writes: Looks like it could have formally a bird cage??? I love it! This is so peaceful, especially because of your story!
Tami Posted: 3:12 pm on July 27th
Fightingyorkie writes: Great idea and a nice reminder of your grandma. Posted: 11:07 am on July 25th
vanj writes: AWESOME!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!
Vanessa Posted: 3:56 am on July 24th
artteachergirl writes: Precious, sweet story! Makes your wind chime creation even more special. Beautiful! Posted: 1:14 am on July 24th
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