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May 11th, 2010 in member junk     
grabe grabe, member
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The owner is a sweet lady name geneva and I you say "I saw a great mirror on top of the hill over there... she knows exactly what your talking about and will give you a steal of a deal!!

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grabe writes: It's grumpy jerry not jerk the spellcheck on this iPad is crazy Posted: 5:45 pm on May 12th
grabe writes: Ocala keeps printing as coal for some reason Posted: 5:44 pm on May 12th
grabe writes: My mistake !!!! Orange lake is 10 min. From machintosh, Florida sorry for the uproar, but yes it's there all the time and it's awesome ....all you Florida friends make it a day we have smileys antique maa, cracker house a some grt. Stores in downtown coal, micanopy antiques ect.. North of coal is grumpy jerks flea market, market of Marion, up north more is the well known mt. Dora, resigners antique mall, wildwood has traditions antique mall, summer field has mossy oaks ...here in coal I have a space at antiques on 10th a second look. I am truly blessed to live in such an awesome area! Garage sales are everywhere on Friday-Sunday!! We have several auction houses and thrift stores, goodwills ect... So well worth checking out! Hope this information was helpful! Posted: 5:43 pm on May 12th
CleverJunk writes: I love this picture. This looks like what I imagine my husband's nightmares to be when he sees my workshop intruding on the rest of the property.... Posted: 10:23 pm on May 11th
SunnySouthJunker writes: Oh My Gosh! I don't live to far from Orange Park .... Where is this place? If you don't mind giving up your secrets! Posted: 9:22 pm on May 11th
grabe writes: lol I am a tad excited from my adventure!! Posted: 6:38 pm on May 11th
RustyDiva writes: Too funny ~ I don't think you needed any 411 ~ you've already posted five more things in the time it took me to make 1 comment ~ you go girl!!!! Posted: 6:10 pm on May 11th
grabe writes: I need to learn how to use this darn computer more, thnks for the 411 Posted: 6:02 pm on May 11th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome junk! Enjoyed all the pics. Did you know you can post up to 5 pictures on each entry? Might save you some time ~ I'm not very computer savy and it takes me FOREVER to do a post. You might be quicker than me :)

Love all the rusty crusty stuff - Florida looks like a junkers joy! Thanks for sharing it all. Posted: 6:00 pm on May 11th
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