Abandoned Factory Lighting

May 10th, 2010 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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The green base was initially the housing for an explosion-proof light fixture.
Thanks Georgiamoon!

Foundry pattern, vintage light housing, wire cage and an old fabric appliance cord.

The Edison bulb and wire cage create an atmosphere of industrial-cozy.

I can’t believe this old cord is still wrapped with its original label…from 1954. Yes, I unwrapped it.

Here’s a fan blade foundry pattern made from California redwood with original paint.
Thanks Jenny K!

The green base was initially the housing for an explosion-proof light fixture.
Thanks Georgiamoon!

The green base was initially the housing for an explosion-proof light fixture.

Thanks Georgiamoon!

Photo: Jim Healy - JunkArchitect (copyright 2010)

An old abandoned factory is where some of the components used in this lamp originated. With its old-fashioned filament light bulb, wire cage and fabric cord you can almost hear the sounds of an early 20th century New England manufacturing plant.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy - JunkArchitect (copyright 2010)
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Comments (24)

angelonfyr writes: This is brilliant!! Posted: 12:30 pm on November 24th
DecorMadeSimple writes: It' seems everything I like has your name on it! Posted: 7:21 am on March 19th
ECOcentric writes: very cool! Posted: 7:01 pm on February 29th
pennyzw writes: I love this and would love to have it! Posted: 6:19 am on December 27th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Hmmm... something tells me I need to feature this JunkArcitecht artist on a funky junk blog very soon. This is fabulous. I WANT it!
Posted: 2:52 pm on July 3rd
chippingcharm writes: "Industrial Cozy"...love that! I agree with the others...very cool lamp! Laurel Posted: 9:36 pm on May 13th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Jim,
Love this lamp....the combination of elements and colours are amazing.
Happy day!
xojanis Posted: 7:48 pm on May 13th
Grasshopper22 writes: There is nothing better than an old abandoned factory, I could spent hours and hours in one...same as an old spooky abandoned barn...fun...fun...fun...Great job Jim! Posted: 12:09 pm on May 12th
MakinItHappen writes: What wonderful finds, and so cool put together like that. Posted: 10:46 am on May 12th
racers7 writes: Awesome lamp and all that great junk found in a factory, terrific! Melody Posted: 10:22 am on May 12th
shabbychick writes: Jim, You've gathered some pretty cool components and made an even cooler lamp! Love it!


P.S. Missed you at A&A JMS...maybe in the fall... Posted: 11:15 pm on May 11th
MimiToria writes: Another great project Jim. :) Looks like you found some treasures from your Cali visit too.
An outstanding result with some hard to find elements makes this one of a kind light an excellent creation.
Gretchen Posted: 8:26 pm on May 11th
georgiamoon writes: Hey Jimmy! I was wondering when you would get around to finding the perfect use for that green base. It was worth the wait, it looks fantastic with the foundry mold from Jenny and the cord is just the right touch. Your projects are always amazing and creative. I know what to do with all the junk I can't use, I just give it to you and "Ta-Da" ..magic! love, Georgiamoon Posted: 4:31 pm on May 11th
alicemom writes: Jim,
That is illuminating! The cord is just the best ending.
smiles, alice Posted: 3:09 pm on May 11th
oldnews writes: So beautiful! Love the simple clean lines, I'd love to have some of these! Marie Posted: 10:10 am on May 11th
Prior writes: That cord is ELECTRIFYING!!!!! love IT! Lezlee Posted: 10:26 pm on May 10th
junktiqueboutique writes: Fantastic project. I love the red and green!! Posted: 6:38 pm on May 10th
RobJ98167 writes: Very cool finds to make this lamp- I really like the cord. I have "cord envy" Posted: 6:07 pm on May 10th
junkermidge writes: Very cool lamp! Love, love, love the fabric cord.
Midge Posted: 5:43 pm on May 10th
Junkpony writes: Very cool lamp - I love the old light bulb and that cord is so retro...what a find. Posted: 5:00 pm on May 10th
OnEaglesWings writes: Bravo! Great combination of items to make a super lamp. The cord; however, is the finale'.

I have several cages, and haven't made them into a light yet...you've inspired me....Thanks,
Susie Posted: 4:57 pm on May 10th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome contributor project! Thought all you guys left us for the "big event" in MN. Can you tell I have abandonment issues?? Always enjoy your creativity Jim. Can't believe that cord was still wrapped ~ great find. Posted: 3:47 pm on May 10th
junk_grandma writes: Jim -- I love all of your "junky" stuff and this is no exception. Keep up the great work! Posted: 3:45 pm on May 10th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JIM,
You did a tremendous job puting that lamp together.You have a terrfic talent. Using all the different componets.You have a great day.GOD BLESS. Robert. Posted: 2:17 pm on May 10th
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