WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

May 22nd, 2010 in member junk     
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Well, I can think of no better place for sharing the news as well as for support and inspiration than my fellow junkers at JUNKMARKET Style!  Here is a pic of us on our wedding day because I can't figure out how to re-size the photos of all the damage yet.  I'd planned to post news about getting married on May 7th and how excited we were to combine our stuff and ideas for future projects.  However, just a few days before the BIG DATE, our little hideaway here in Kentucky was flooded!!  We are still a little shocked about all we've lost in the aftermath.  But, we fared better than most - this was our little fishcamp/inspiration place on the creek and not our primary home, after all - and we do have Flood Insurance!  In addition, now we hope nothing will stop us from tackling those re-purposing and remodeling ideas we've always wanted to do there.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and watch for our blog and project ideas as we turn a bit of a setback into an inspiring and positive event!  Of course, not everyone understands why I feel we can save almost anything to re-do or make work by re-purposing.  I just wish some of you could have been there to go through all we've had to throw away... watch for updates!

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CleverJunk writes: First of all, congratulations! You're a beautiful couple with many wonderful moments ahead of you.... With regard to your flood, I feel your pain. I believe we are all given what we can handle and what will make us grow stronger. In the early stages of my own six year remodel of what I lovingly refer to as "the money pit", "the house that Jack built" and "Dr. Doolittle's house" all rolled into one, neighbors asked me how I handled living in it through the process. I tell everyone, I learned to look up. We have a beautiful sky. I also happen to love what I call "happy accidents". Too long of a story to tell here but suffice it to say that when it literally rained on my new carpet and the one room we had just finished and furnished, I realized it was all just "stuff" and we can't take it with us. Having said that, I also learned to appreciate the beauty in every little thing. I've always loved the hunt, the good find; but now I also love rust and distressed finishes and I can't throw anything away with the exception of maybe active termites and mold. I'm the girl who wants the things most people will pay to haul away...because I love the challenge. Good luck and I hope this community will be of some support and creative input for you and your new husband in this exciting journey. Posted: 11:36 pm on May 26th
RustyDiva writes: I'm so sorry about your flood! Water can wreak more havoc than anything I've ever seen. Like you said, the rusties can become rustier now ~ love that! Prayers and good vibes going your way from me. Now for the happy........Congratulations on your marraige. Beautiful couple and you are glowing!!! Very sweet of you to share your special day with us! Love your dress! Blessings on your marraige. Posted: 10:45 am on May 24th
alicemom writes: BIG congrats! It is a mixed blessing.......But you have each other. Now you have a great beginning!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:25 pm on May 23rd
OnEaglesWings writes: Well congratulations on your marriage. May 7 is a very special parents were married on the same day. So sorry to hear about the scarry! I'm sure you'll end up with a wonderful place in the long run.
Susie Posted: 7:15 pm on May 23rd
junktiqueboutique writes: Beautiful picture. Sorry about the bad news. I'm sure you'll have some crying sessions. In Oct. all 4 of our storage buildings in our back yard flooded but not our house. People kept saying "Well at least it wasn't your house". Well it was our business and we had more in the storage buildings then in our house. I had to throw away lots of crafts I had made. I thought positive thoughts, "Well at least the rusty things will be rustier". It took 2 months to get everything repaired, dried out, repacked. The last thing I unpacked was our huge nativity scene a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was undamaged and beautiful as ever. My bright spot of the whole tradegy. I hope you have a bright spot in the end too. Posted: 9:45 pm on May 22nd
grabe writes: wow so sorry yet it could be a blessing in disquise since you do have insurance and now you can have a more what you want... Congrats on getting married, hope it all works out for you! Posted: 4:23 pm on May 22nd
Clickart writes: Sorry to ramble on, folks! I just needed to deal with this by sharing some good news while asking asking for support and ideas as we move forward on this unforseen project. Now, we have so many things we HAVE to either re-do or trash that I'm not sure we could do it without the creative input from many of you. Thanks for being there! Posted: 9:19 am on May 22nd
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