The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

May 4th, 2010 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Its almost time to junk with us. Were looking forward to it and hope you are too!
Dreamy bedrooms with all the fixins!
Look at that little girl lounging about. Doesnt she know there is styling to be done? O, CoCo is going to crack the whip!
The central market is home to very cool odds and ends.
Talking heads. Do you recognize these two from the cover of book two?
What could be better decor than a wounded body person carrier (couldnt think of a the correct name) could there be?
A mannequin guards the entrance. All is safe in her capable hands. Ooops, I guess she doesnt have any.
Need stuff for the kitchen? Come and get it!
Architecture, architecture, architecture!
Junk from the JMS top ten is in the mix.
We have plenty of the soft goods too...hand crafted that is.
We have plenty of new and fresh ideas just for you! Come early, stay late, come back....there is a whole lot of junk just ripe for the picking! Hope to see you there!
Its almost time to junk with us. Were looking forward to it and hope you are too!

It's almost time to junk with us. We're looking forward to it and hope you are too!

Wow...we are finally on the home stretch! A + A. JUNKMARET Style and contributors, CoCo and Company, and all of our FABULOUS vendors have really pulled together to create this fabulous, must see event. The fun starts this Wednesday and runs throug Sunday. Please come by and share in all the'll be glad you did! For all of the details visit

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MimiToria writes: You all gotta try to come October 13-17th, 2010. I'm giving you lead time to get your vacations planned, travel plans in order and booking your flights. :) It was an awesome sale, fun times were had by all. We had a dinner out with many members one night as well as vendors. Lots of fun time to chat. Some dumpster diving even happened. Shopping with out of state and out of country gals such as Janis. Fashion Show was a blast, and loved meeting the fellow Junk Market members. (go to my facebook page to view more photos if you want to see more details Gretchen Schaumann , as my photos are public and I have posted 5 days worth of events in them. )
Amazing time, so plan now to attend in the Fall. It will be bigger and better than this event. I heard the classes were great too! My bf attended, so I got the inside scoop from her.
gretchen schaumann - facebook photos Posted: 8:17 pm on May 11th
writes: I am SO going to be there for the next one! The videos, the posts - I can hardly stand it... Posted: 1:57 am on May 9th
JunKAllie writes: Had an awesome time today buying great junk today!! Everyone was SO helpful and nice. I can't wait until October. :-) Woodworking for Junkers was SUPER helpful!! Posted: 9:24 pm on May 7th
RocklerWoodworking writes: Be sure to stop by the sale if you can! We are having a blast talking with junkers, showing some finshing/distressing techniques and giving away lots of stuff! We'd love to see you there!

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Create with Confidence Posted: 9:54 am on May 7th
Fjerda writes: Okay, it is 10:30PM and all of you are having so much fun you have not yet had time to post all the pictures!! Is anything left for those of us that could not come tonight??
Restock-restock we will be there on Fri. Pfarkels and friends and little Sopie will have to come too. Posted: 11:26 pm on May 5th
JunkArchitect writes: Yep, I’m sitting in my office 1,000 miles away WORKING while all you guys are rummaging through tons of great junk…I’m not complaining. Have a great time and send me a little junk present.

Posted: 3:30 pm on May 5th
Born_in_a_barn writes: Wow I LOVE the old combat stretcher. Wish I could be there. Posted: 2:51 pm on May 5th
artteachergirl writes: I;m with Marie!!! We're stomping our feet on both sides of the U.S.A.! I think you need a Southern version of this show!! Wonderful pics! Posted: 12:16 pm on May 5th
AtticusFinch writes: Good luck on a successful event. I can't wait to see the stories on Monday.

Kind regards,
Sheri Posted: 9:19 am on May 5th
oldnews writes: WORK just gets in the way of EVERYTHING. Poor all of us who can't go. (Yes, I am stomping my feet right now!) Posted: 2:55 am on May 5th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
You always due a tremendous job on setting things like this up.If I wasn't so far I would love to be their and meet new JMS members.Have a tremendous time.GOD BLESS, ROBERT. Posted: 1:25 am on May 5th
RobJ98167 writes: Wow that would be worth visiting my dad's relatives in Minneapolis!!! The oppurtunity to meet up with Sue and the guys from A&A would supercede any relative humidity! Posted: 11:28 pm on May 4th
tessiesfinds writes: When are you coming to Eastern CT?????Or close, any upcoming events out this way- we would LOVE to have you! Posted: 4:38 pm on May 4th
alicemom writes: Oh mt goodness! I still can not believe I am not going!
Yes Kenda I am experiencing that same feeling!
Have fabulous time Junk Sistas!
smiles, alice Posted: 2:17 pm on May 4th
Prior writes: LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the photos and I love you for not being able to think of gurney, but describing it... You make me feel normal for doing that all the time! lol... Have a great time! Lezlee Posted: 2:00 pm on May 4th
RustyDiva writes: You know that sick feeling in your stomach when you pass a yard sale and can't stop????? You think about it all day and you dream about it all night and you just know that there were all kinds of wonderful things you missed out on and will never ever be able to find again????? Well that's exactly how I'm feeling ~ may have to put myself to bed for the week knowing this is going on and I can't be there!

Loving the pics and the youtube. I watched em all! You guys have fun and don't work too hard although it looks like you already have.

Kenda Posted: 11:40 am on May 4th
fellowjunker writes: PS And the most wonderful talented people who can put it all together in such a spectacular way!!
xojanis Posted: 11:06 am on May 4th
fellowjunker writes: What a feast for my eyes.....can not believe all the great stuff!!!!! Minnesota really does have the best of the bestest JUNK ever!!!!!
xojanis Posted: 11:05 am on May 4th
bluebucket writes: I REALLY, REALLY want to be there but can't so am enjoying the pics.
doreen Posted: 11:00 am on May 4th
vanj writes: I'm with sandyrae!!! bet we could get a ride real quick.
Pics are great. One of these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa Posted: 10:10 am on May 4th
shabbychick writes: Sue - loving it all...and really love the youtube videos...! :)

See ya tomorrow! (TIME flies,doesn't it???...can't believe it's tomorrow...)

Kathy Posted: 10:09 am on May 4th
sandyrae writes: You guys are killing me!! I can't go but really, really, really want too! I love all the teaser pics, it's makes me want to quit my job and hitch hike to Minnesota! Posted: 9:31 am on May 4th
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