Need help with lead paint project!

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I was thrilled to be given these 5 beautifully aged windows from a remodel. They are in great shape and I am anxious to get started working with them. The problem is that I am positive they contain lead paint (which is wonderfully chippy right now) and I'm not quite sure what to do. I have small children and I do not want to put them in any danger. I also do not want to completely remove the paint, as I will never be able to acheive the fantastic look. Is there a way for me to seal the paint that is currently on the windows to make them safe? I am new at this, please help!! Thanks!

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SantaClaus writes: TX for info on Multi Strip! Posted: 3:53 am on November 10th
IMMAJUNKER2 writes: I also came across some wonderfull old chippy windows that I was sure had lead paint on them. Like you I have young ones in my home. I took the windows outside and wearing a mask I used a stiff brush to get off any chips that were loose. Then I just sprayed on polyurethane, several coats. I hung them high, out of reach, and put family photos under each payne of glass. What have you done with your windows, I would love to know. Posted: 10:59 am on June 12th
RoniRose writes: Thanks so much gals!! I think I will just clean them up (no sanding or stripping) and use several coats of clear sealer. Since they will be up on the wall, hopefully they will pose no threat to the children. I really appreciate all of the advice. Judi, I will definitely keep the Multi-Strip in mind for future projects... I have an old table I need to strip. By the way, love your blog!! Posted: 8:51 pm on May 4th
itsnotjunk2me writes: those are awesome windows!
here's another choice:
you can strip them clean with a product called Multi Strip from Back to Nature. It is a "greener" alternative than most paint removers. it is safe to use and i have used it for years around my 1829 farmhouse. it encapsulates the paint & comes off like butter. you could then do a faux finish that you could be sure would be lead-free.

judi ;)

you can see the actual product on my blog under the november post for more info. Posted: 9:45 pm on April 29th
oldnews writes: A friend put many coats of clear varithane on hers to seal. Then since they were to be hung up high on the wall, she felt that they were safe. DON"T sand or strip! Airborn particles are not good! Posted: 12:32 am on April 29th
MakinItHappen writes: You should not sand or chip away at them. There are products that you can buy to "encapsulate" the lead, but I doubt that any of them are clear, so it probably would be like adding an opaque paint. You can look online for more info on sealing lead paint. Posted: 7:59 pm on April 28th
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