from terra cotta to whole lotta red!

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read on to find out how these came together!
these are the pots as i found them.  on the left top and bottom is the piece i wanted for the bird bath.  it was the most expensive at $5.99 but given its size and perfect condition, i felt it was truly a bargain.
on the right top and bottom is the piece i wanted for the feeder.  at $1.99 it was a steal! i couldnt believe my luck!
these are the pots i envisioned as bases as i found them.  at $1.49  and $1.79 each, they were also a steal.  they are 8-9+ inches tall and  pristine.  with their nice, wide tops, i knew they would provide sturdy  support when flipped over.
here are the bath (left top and bottom) and feeder (right top and bottom) after i put them all together. 
i glued a piece of plastic to cover the hole at the bottom of the bath that (hopefully) will hold water (i really should have tested that...). if you used plastic and are planning to paint, be sure to use a plastic primer on the plastic so your paint will stick.
i glued screen to cover the hole and the bottom of the feeder to allow for moisture drainage and to hopefully promote air circulation to keep the seed from going moldy, etc.
the finished product!  the bird bath is on the left, and the feeder  is on the right!  they are gifts for my mother who LOVES birds and loves  red.  :)
i hope the birds will like them too.  maybe theyll be attracted to  the red.  im hoping that the deeper bowl will encourage more baths,  since i love watching those so much!
read on to find out how these came together!

read on to find out how these came together!

Photo: rachel slack

i went to the renovation station a month or so ago. it's a store selling new and used construction/building supplies, hardware, etc. and all the proceeds go to habitat for humanity. awesome!

i found a great deal on some terra cotta pots and had a vision for turning them into cool, sculptural and useful items: a bird feeder and bird bath.  i used two unique pots for the toppers and two typical terra cotta pots for the bases.

last picture shows the final results!

you can get all the seriously detailed directions at my blog:

Pattern or design used: My own design - rachel (curly&crafty)
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Christina_S writes: Great job, love the strong color and shine! Posted: 5:21 pm on May 3rd
ninnarae writes: These turned out great- I love the color, too! Posted: 1:00 pm on May 2nd
artteachergirl writes: WONDERFUL!! Love the color and the shapes! Posted: 1:39 pm on May 1st
racers7 writes: That is very creative and the color is the bomb! Love that red-it sure will pop! Melody Posted: 11:42 am on April 29th
RustyDiva writes: Great gift idea!! I too love red. Nice job curly. Posted: 4:43 pm on April 28th
alicemom writes: Darling job! Love the color.
smiles, alice Posted: 4:07 pm on April 28th
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