Proof It's In The Jeans

April 27th, 2010 in member junk     
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My babys a recycler!
Extension is the waistband of a pair of bluejeans.
He used a shoelace to sew them together.
My babys a recycler!

My baby's a recycler!

The only credit I can take for this one is genetics.  I'm the proud mother of a recycler.  Over the years my son has learned he can walk into my workroom and pretty much ask for anything and it's on hand.  School projects were always a fun time for us.  Tonight he asked if I had any scraps of heavy leather because he wanted to turn an old belt into a guitar strap.  He knows where my tools are so I turned him loose.  He came back 30 minutes later with this project.  He used the waistband off old jeans, punched holes with a leather punch and sewed the two together with an old shoelace.  I couldn't be more proud!

Pattern or design used: J.Michael Neal
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JunknStuff writes: WAY TO GO, "CLEVERjJUNK'S" SON!!! Posted: 5:08 pm on July 25th
makinthemostofit writes: I think this is great!! He did good!! I have six kids, grown up and out of the house now. They still come looking for something out of the ordinary and know that chances are Mom has it in her work room. Lori Posted: 3:06 pm on May 5th
ninnarae writes: LOVE it! Great way to adapt to a situation and it looks cool, too! Posted: 1:10 pm on May 2nd
curlyrachel writes: that's awesome. what a clever and adorable kid! i see a great junk future for him! Posted: 2:06 pm on April 28th
alicemom writes: Not only is he clever he is cute to boot! "ya did good ma"!
smiles, alice Posted: 12:50 pm on April 28th
summerland writes: Now that gives me hope! I have 2 boys (just 6 and 7) but here's proof that junking/recycling can be manly! Posted: 12:20 pm on April 28th
RustyDiva writes: Yay you and yay him!!!! He did a great job on the strap ~ love it. One of a kind piece that he can really be proud of!!! Posted: 11:16 am on April 28th
Cynyth writes: Super!!!!! Posted: 11:09 am on April 28th
MakinItHappen writes: Cool! Don't you love it when kids appreciate the same things you do? Posted: 10:54 am on April 28th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Very innovative, and cute, too! Posted: 8:21 am on April 28th
oldnews writes: What more could a mother ask for than to have a child follow in her footsteps!!! You SHOULD be proud! Here's to the next generation of junkers!! Marie Posted: 1:38 am on April 28th
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