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Angel...took on a Fall look with the beads I added.
This one looks like a Space Man to me now, but its a junk angel. The halo is part of a watch band, and the body is a stir stick. Guess what  was used to make the wings.
My photos of these Plunder Junk angels didnt turn out as well as I would have liked, but this one is my favorite. Her body is made from a ruler and I used a part of a plate holder on the front.
Resting before their trip to the Antique Mall and hopefully their new homes.
Angel...took on a Fall look with the beads I added.

Angel...took on a Fall look with the beads I added.

Recently a Folk Art Pottery friend asked me to share her Antique Mall booth. I was ecstatic! This mall is very select and it's very difficult to acquire a booth there. It's large and could take hours to see the entire  mall, but her booth is right near the real estate! 

I was faced with the task of creating something that would compliment her art and still be true to my creativity. So I came up with Plunder Junk Angels. Making angels from junk is not a new idea, I know, but I don't think there are any quite like these anywhere in the mall. I used some of the tiny clay face pendants she creates as some of the angels' faces, but mostly they are total junk finds.

I used to get into trouble as a little girl for my plundering. I still recall my Granny's scolding when I was around 6 or so for plundering in her attic. I guess this *junkingitis* was kicking in way back's the hunt that is the most fun sometimes, right? Anyway, that is why I called them Plunder Junk Angels. I also placed some of my garden totems in the booth, but it is the angels that really stand out.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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RustyDiva writes: Good karma Vicki ~ congrats. Your little angels are precious. Posted: 10:18 am on April 19th
ninnarae writes: These are very creative and fun! Posted: 10:14 pm on April 18th
alicemom writes:
they will fly out on their wings!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:49 am on April 18th
chippingcharm writes: These are the details! I think the "space" angel is my favorite. Good luck to you...enjoy! Laurel Posted: 8:44 am on April 18th
artteachergirl writes: Thanks!! I have wanted to do this for a very long time, and this opportunity just found me... so I'm thinking it was meant to be and hopefully will be successful. It's certainly a lot of fun! Y'all are sweet! Vicki Posted: 10:12 am on April 17th
oldnews writes: These are SO COOL! I absolutely love them! I am so thrilled for you! I know you said that you've been wanting to do this for a long time and now it's finally happening! My guess is that these will be a HUGE hit! They are wonderful! I'm wishing you tons of good luck! Marie Posted: 2:14 am on April 17th
Prior writes: I love these good luck on your new adventure! Lezlee Posted: 11:19 pm on April 16th
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